1. Jon says

    Where does the Hate and Ignorance in people like her come from? Are they so deluded by the teachings of fiction writings like the bible? Are they taught this disgusting hate in their homes or do they just get it from office water cooler talk? Do the talking heads of the Right enjoy the publicity and their names in the news that they are compelled to vomit this Right Wing Hate Nonsense. Are people like Brian Brown so insecure in their sexuality that they have created a career out of Homophobia and Hate.
    My partner and I are in our 22Year together, a warm, loving monogamous relationship. We have careers, own a home, pay taxes and are just as much a part of the American Landscape as are these hateful Sons A Bitches who seem to be able to manipulate the media (including these LGBT Websites that continually give them coverage) and brainwash more mindless bigots! I have recently been reading about Armed Gay Groups like the: PINK PISTOLS that promote forming alliances, either armed or unarmed to protect ourselves and our LGBT Community from the inevitable coming of a Sexual Orientation, Class War that will find our Constitutional Rights even more threatened unless we show the will to FIGHT BACK.

  2. Nick says

    time for your dream retirement in Nigeria-
    You can make your arrangements through any of the Xtian fundamentalists who have found so much favor on the continent and believe just as you do! Good riddance!

  3. Gregory In Seattle says

    Mind you: Sally Kern — and far too many people in Oklahoma — are still pissed at the “activist court” who struck down the state’s criminalization of interracial marriage 46 years ago. Until 1968, interracial marriage was illegal in 17 states, with most (Oklahoma included) making it a felony for residents to leave, get married to someone of the “wrong” race, and return.

  4. jmartindale says

    I will always be grateful that I had acceppting, loving parents. What a pitiful excuse for a human being this witch is to cudgel her own offspring with this outpouring of bile. The party of “family values”! She ain’t worth spit.

  5. Will says

    I’m sorry you stupid sallow faced c*unt but I was born this way and if your that stupid and ignorant to understand that fact maybe you should move to Africa or Russia, the west has out grown people like you.

  6. Hey Darlin' says

    “Homosexuality is not a civil right. It’s a human wrong…Homosexuals are saying this is who we are. This is how we’re born.”

    Equality IS and will always be a civil right. Even if you would like to forget the fact your bigoted erroneous personal opinion eschews differing medical fact, common knowledge and increasing public opinion.

  7. jexer says

    Unsavory extremists like Sally Kern do more for making bigots look bad than anything we could do.

    So let her have her 15 minutes. The more she speaks, the faster she’ll be pushed out to the edge of the bell-curve.

  8. anon says

    At this point it’s a numbers games. If polls show a strong support for marriage equality then it’s moving forward, with the Sally’s of the world increasingly marginalized.

  9. Garland Smith says

    Sally Kkkern has nothing better else to do but fight Gay people and destroy their rights as Americans. A man or woman with nothing better to do is RIDICULOUS!!!!!.

  10. Garland Smith says

    Sally Kkkern has nothing better else to do but fight Gay people and destroy their rights as Americans. A man or woman with nothing better to do is RIDICULOUS!!!!!.

  11. says

    Sour grapes, maybe? I expect her statements will grow even more outrageous as her world continues to spin out of control and she begins to truly act out, spewing vitriol when she finds that that’s the only weapon her prejudice has left. I pray for people like her.

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