1. andrew says

    LaBarbera and his ilk profess to be bible believers. The “god” of the bible has clearly said that homosexuals, adulterers, those who work on the Sabbath, children who curse their parents, soothsayers and mediums, those who worship gods other than yahweh, blasphemers and many others should be EXECUTED. Why don’t these bible believers have the courage of their convictions and call for the death penalty for all those who violate the “holy” bible? The answer is clear. Even those sickoos know that there bible is a primitive tome written by primitive humans with a primitive knowledge of reality. Those milk toasts just drag it out occasionally to beat up on people they hate. They and there bible are primitives who belong in centuries and centuries past and should be laughed at by modern society.

  2. kit says

    Perhaps he is going to personally check everyone’s willie for signs of happiness and then, if the willie in question seems to be smiling, he will give it a spanking.

  3. Jerry says

    Its funny to me how SOOOOO much of the Bible is completely ignored by the “modern” Christian. They no longer care to help the less fortunate. They now worship money and the rich and dont want them to pay taxes. However some vague comments about homosexuality that Jesus himself never even mentioned (which you think he would have if it had been all that important especially since he only hung out with dudes and a hooker) and now its their most important part of their religion. They should change the name from Christianity to Hetero Fascism…actually, thats what I already call it.

  4. Hansel Currywurst says

    He should just say what he means, which is “we want these laws on the books so we can deny [gay people] their rights due to their status as criminals in our religion-based value system. If we can’t persecute them then we feel bad; so it’s their rights versus our piousness.”

  5. Lymis says

    I’m hardly surprised.

    The don’t want us punished. They want us to be nonexistent. Or, failing that, they want us so deeply closeted they can pretend we don’t exist. Problem solved.

    Except that it doesn’t work that way any more, and they aren’t prepared to admit it. They are still operating on the idea that if they get enough support, they can shove the genie back in the bottle.

    That’s why so much of their efforts are about making it illegal to tell schoolchildren that some people – including their classmates and classmates parents – are gay. They want to keep basic civics like the legality of same-sex marriage out of basic civics classes.

    The want us to agree to have relationships but not ask for the same legal recognition that “real” relationships have.

    He doesn’t have an answer on how to punish us because he’s not interested in punishing us, certainly not publicly and legally, and, most importantly, visibly, because that makes them the bad guys and us the victims of their bigotry.

    They want everyone, including us, to agree how much nicer it would be if we’d just pleasantly agree to pretend not to exist in the first place. Having a clear answer to how to punish us involves admitting that we aren’t willing to hide any more and that they can’t magically achieve that goal.

  6. JackFknTwist says

    The bible supports homosexuality in many of its tals, David and Jonathan;Sarah and Ruth; Jesus and John.

    But it still remains a book largely written by old bearded dudes in the desert high on exotic mushrooms…..the book of Revelations is just a bad acid trip. It largely tells tales of what a hard time they had in Egypt and Babylon.

    But a text for the 21st century ? Not so much.
    The real story is why this Labarbara clown is so interested in our sexual orientation and how we have sex.
    So what happened to him to make him so bitter and hate filled and vindictive towards his fellow man, whom Jesus tells him to love ?
    ” Love others as I have loved you….”


    This abhorrent vile noxious creature is beyond disgusting………….

    I am and have been pretty darn Gay for all my life, yet I rarely if ever think about much less obsess over straights and their sexual expoits……….

    When I see this creature and his ilk obsessling I think of a small child who really, really, really wants a certian toy. They dream about it, talk non stop about it, inject it into any and every conversation in any way they can……Notice any similarities????

  8. MrRoboto says

    Don’t be fooled. He would very much like to say he’d like to see us gassed in ovens or thrown onto a burning pyre. The problem is, he knows such a statement is beyond the pale and would result in his true agenda being laid bare.

  9. says

    Well – they don’t actually *want* a plan. Not a real one. He’s not serious about anything he ever says – they know they can’t do any of this; it’s just about keeping the spectre of “evil gays!” alive and well in the minds of The Country’s Unfortunates so that when another election rolls around they worry more about The Gays than about the fact that they’re unable to afford decent healthcare and the much-needed tax breaks went to the wealthiest, and not those in need. Plus, as others pointed out, LaBarbera makes money from being anti-gay. He just needs to keep saying stupid things to keep his business going – the business of stupid. It’s like with Ann Coulter. She says her nonsense, idiots cheer, she makes appearances, and she pockets the dough.

  10. jamal49 says

    Of course, you do, Peter. You’ve said so on many “christian” talk shows in the past. Punishment based on “biblical principles” particularly Leviticus. So, don’t play, Pete. You’ve called for execution of LGBT people in the past. I’ve kept tabs on you for a long time. BTW, if you and or any of your filthy evangelical, fundamentalist perverts ever try to, I got a baseball bat I’m ready to swing at y’all’s fool heads.

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