1. says

    The mind boggles at what Christina Aguilera was given/promised in order to do this. I guess they want to salvage the only song left that could be a big single, but it feels too late.

  2. Matthew says

    Much as we may not like R. Kelly personally, he brought a smoother groove to the song (unless you don’t like R&B).

  3. Tarc says

    Artpop is easily the best song on the album, with Applause being next, and then Gypsy. Of course, if for some bizarre reason, you don’t like New Wave or electronica, you might not place the top 2 so highly, but they are the best of the lot creatively, musically and lyrically. This is one really derivative, and the lyrics misfire and become rapey.

  4. David says

    Would have been more excited if Christina had sung a similar verse to RKelly’s. Was hoping when I saw it happen that Gaga would be all over her the way she was RKelly in the SNL performance. But I guess bad sales & pub made Gaga lose her balls.

  5. Jeff says

    Talk about killing a few birds with one stone – Xtina get to bury the bitchy comment about Gaga from a few year ago and get on an already liked hit single, Gaga gets to bury the RKelly association & avoid an airplay boycott. Win win win win.