1. says

    When he first came out of the closet, he wrote an autobiography and went on a book tour in 2007. I waited in line at Los Angeles’s The Grove’s Barnes and Noble. There were so many people in line to meet him. Anyway, there were dozens of vapid, plastic gay guys who cut the line. They were “friends” of his… more like hanger-ons. Anyway, each one smiled their fake smiles as they took a photo with him and an autographed copy, which was odd, since they were supposedly friends. I just remember looking at lance surrounded by all these cheap male bimbos and thinking, “If this is who he surrounds himself with, what’s going to happen to his career?” Lance needed to check out the types of people Justin Timberlake surrounded himself with.

    Oh well.

  2. Mastik8 says

    I’m having a hard time discerning effort, talent or creativity when I listen to this – I guess you’d call it a song. Rather like Madonna’s last, um, emission. Having said that best of luck to him.

  3. steve says

    “I’m white, rich, and I live in Los Angeles!” I think that’s primarily what this song says to me, and perhaps is the song’s target demographic (or for people who wish they were that). I guess it’s not that bad of a song – but yeah, in comparison to his stuff with N’Sync, this pales in comparison.

  4. RESOFFLA says

    They have been playing original version with Snoop Dog in Europe for the last couple of months now. Guess they decided to mix Lance in the US version… Here’s the original, much better in my opinion, version with Snoop Doog

  5. Matt says

    I thought it was ok. I felt the female vocalist pretty much carried the song. The Indian instruments added a nice musical element and it didn’t sound like it was autotuned to robotic levels. I’d dance to it, probably wouldn’t buy it.

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