1. Michael says

    @BANDANAJACK hes always been a smart man even though he made his fair share of mistakes hes never been against us. By insulting someone who actually does care and support us as human beings you come off looking like an ungrateful hypocrite im afraid.

  2. Henry Holland says

    Pot Kettle Black, exactly.

    I wouldn’t be as harsh as Jack, but how naive is Letterman? Dave, here’s some shocking news for your New York liberal/liberal-ish self: there’s plenty of countries in this world who *agree* with Russia. Sochi is going to happen, NBC and its corporate sponsors aren’t going to let a tiny band –let’s be real, this is not a big issue for most of the country– of protesters derail it.

    If people want to protest the Rio 2016 Summer Games because of whatever issues, they need to start NOW.

  3. emjayay says

    Intelligent and knowledgable interview from Dave. He could have screwed around and made everything funny but only put one oddly clever joke in the middle.

    About the Sochi Olympics: Coke for example is not flogging their identity with these Olympics nearly as much as you would think at this point. Hardly at all actually. Everything is still all about polar bears. Their PR department and advertising agency etc. were not behind the door when the brains were passed out. They weren’t of course necessarily counting on what is happening – gay stuff and terrorist stuff – but they are as aware of it as anyone else now.

    They will get going when the Olympics start and millions are actually watching TV and their mindset is all about whatever Olympic sport they are watching and cheering for their country, not about what’s going on in Russia otherwise.

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