1. Gus says

    I love how some Republicans are saying they broke no Virginia laws as if that is going to save them from the Feds.

  2. johnny says

    I seriously doubt he’ll do any time. It will be a slap on the wrist and probation. After all, he’s rich, white and male.

  3. says

    The jury will have a hard time giving McDonnell any benefit of doubt. This wasn’t merely a case of accepting campaign contributions or even favors for the ex-governor’s political causes — which would technically be wrong but the average citizen has been conditioned to expect those kinds of bribes as everyday politics. No, these “gifts” included numerous designer items, apparel, luxury items which could not possibly be considered as necessities no matter how affluent the family.

    McDonnell might only get a slap on the wrist, relative to the severity of the crime, but the damage he’s doing to the Virginia GOP might end up being adequate compensation for lack of a jail sentence.

  4. says

    McDonnell’s a crook, morally if not legally. But why does TR incessantly report Rachel Maddow’s every word and breath? Is it only because she’s a lesbian? if so, that’s not enough anymore. We’ve moved beyond that (I hope).

  5. scooternva says

    Considering how homophobic the McDonnell administration was, Perry, I think his indictment is relevant to Towleroad, and the fact that Rachel Maddow is reporting on it is just icing on the cake.

    As a Virginia resident for over 25 years, though, I have to say that this is a sad day for the Commonwealth. I would like to think that this indictment would bring on meaningful financial disclosure reform, but as long as the House of Delegates is controlled by the kooky Republicans in Richmond, that’s not gonna happen.

  6. Ken says

    As a Virginia native, I am happy to see the reporting on this important story. McDonnell is an anti-progressive, and so his indictment might well be of interest to citizens hoping for a more enlightened government. In any case, Rachel is on nightly, and the clips of her show that we see here represent a small sampling of the excellent reporting she does day in and day out.

  7. Ted says

    @Perry…”But why does TR incessantly report Rachel Maddow’s every word and breath?” Every word and breath? Really? Slight exaggeration on your part, don’t you think?

  8. JCTSF says

    Another rumored-to-have-been-prospective Romney VP pick disappears from the political stage. Elected officeholders from the Greedy One Percent are an endangered species in ever purpler Virginia.

  9. Bernie says

    and here I thought Mr. McConnell was the “perfect” Christian, who wanted to have an ultrasound shoved up a woman’s hoo ha to try and dissuade her from having an abortion and his homophobic campaign and look where he is now…..hopefully an uncomfortable bed in a cold, hard steely jail cell…………!

  10. kdknyc says

    Perry, Rachel is a Rhodes scholar, and quite intelligent. I happily watch her show to listen to her “every word and breath”.

  11. james st. james says

    I’ll always read an article about Rachel Maddow.
    When I’m not interested in something I don’t read it.
    And I certainly don’t post a comment to something I don’t read.
    More Rachel! More Rachel!

  12. james st. james says

    I wonder if this story sends shivers down the spines of other governors? Like in New Jersey.

  13. Innocent until proven guilty says

    In the mind of Rachel Maddow, Governor McDonnell must be automatically presumed GUILTY before any trial. Afterall he’s male, he’s white, he’s Christian and most damning of all, he’s Republican. Case closed!

  14. Elsewhere1010 says

    Innocent? Fox News is having a 24-hour long special on Benghazi. Shouldn’t you be watching?

    Meanwhile, I’ve been watching Maureen McDonnell’s face while her husband talks and the look on her face seem to be pure hate, as though she wishes the back of his head would explode. My guess is she’s not a nice lady…

  15. anon says

    Apparently, he failed to come up with a good cover story to hide his involvement. That’s just stupid. Most politicians are smart enough to create charities, political organizations and use overseas bank accounts to hide this sort of activity.

  16. Perry says

    Send him to jail. Yet she doesn’t have the same intellectual rigor against someone like Charlie Rangel.

  17. e.c. says

    If you actually bother to watch the clip before bashing on Rachael you would know that most of the investigative reporting on this has been done by the Virgina papers and the Washington Post.

  18. Ol' McDonnell says

    But Officer….Why are you giving ME a ticket? EVERYONE ELSE is speeding too! And some are going a lot faster!

  19. Crusty says

    Looking at his wife, I kinda understand now why he’s so interested in other women’s vaginas.

  20. Captain Renault says

    I’m SHOCKED—-SHOCKED!! that US politicians accept political favors!!! Whoever heard of such a thing? LOL