New Tel Aviv Monument to Honor LGBT Holocaust Victims

A new monument set to be unveiled this Friday in Tel Aviv will pay respect to the estimated 15,000 members of the LGBT community who were sent to concentration camps under the Nazi regime. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 9.18.17 AMThe monument will be shaped in the form of a pink triangle, reminiscent of the pink triangles LGBT community members were required to attach to their clothes in the concentration camps, and will feature short texts in Hebrew, English and German. 

Homosexuality was a felony under the Third Reich. The Gestapo founded an anti- homosexual unit that kept lists of nearly 100,000 names of people who were alleged members of the LGBT community. An estimated 15,000 of those were sent to concentration camps. In Buchenwald experiments were carried out with the intention of supposedly curing people from homosexuality.

Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai said, in a statement released yesterday, "This monument reminds us all how important it is for us to respect every human being. It is only natural that such a reminder will exist in Tel Aviv-Yafo – a city that warmly embraces all groups and minorities.


  1. MaryM says

    Um – wouldn’t it be a better memorial for the dead Holocaust victims if Israel introduced civil marriage for straight and gay Israelis who are denied the ability to have such a marriage because of the stranglehold that religious cults have in that state.

    And the Apartheid regime in operation in the illegally occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem needs to be dismantled.

    How much money does the US taxpayer pay Israel each year again?

    What do we get in return?

  2. Keith says

    Israel recognizes gay marriages performed elsewhere and allows gay couples to adopt. the LGBTQ community is protected from employment and other discrimination.

    What is the PA’s position on gay marriage Mary?

  3. Jack says

    @Keith: Yea, it really is pretty amusing how the people who are first in line to criticize Israel never seem to care that in the Palestinian world, being outed is most usually a literal death sentence.

  4. Keith says

    i’m not denying that the occupation of the West Bank is bad for the Palestinians and for Israelis, but saying that Israel is anything but progressive when it comes to gay rights is dishonest.

  5. Facts says

    @marym. When you compare Israel’s actions in the occupied territories to apartheid, you simplify the situation on the ground. The VAST majority of gay Palestinians live in Tel Aviv, not in the West Bank or, heaven forbid, Hamas controlled Gaza. There are many legitimate complaints to be made about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. It would be beneficial to an adult discourse if you raised those.

    Regarding the $3 Billion/year the US gives to Israel. It was part of the peace treaty that Jimmy Carter secured between Israel and Egypt. During the 6 Day War, Israel captured the vast majority of Egypt’s oil fields in the Sinai–after Egypt (and others) attacked. The US asked Israel to give back all of the revenue producing land, in exchange for a promise from an Arab dictator that has sworn death to all Jews. Carter sweetened the pot to get both to sign.

    There are discussions in Israel to stop taking the $$, as Israel does not need it. In fact, given our current situation, an argument can be made that the US needs it much more.

  6. says

    @Marym and Amen… By the way the 3 minutes between postings tell me you are one in the same person! What do you have to say about over a hundred thousand Syrians being killed by fellow Arabs? How many gay teen agers have been hung in public sqares in Israel? What does America get in return from Israel… Their scientist have countless Nobel Prizes in medicine that helps all mankind. How many rockets have been fired into Israel from hospital and school roof tops knowing quite well if Israel retaliates that innocent Arabs will be killed. How many Nobel Prizes have the Arabs won? Israel has a gay tourist buerau and has a gay community center… and keep in mind over 6 million Jews were killed just because they were Jewish. I can assure you that many of the 15,000 gays killed were also Jewish.
    Take a look at the map from 1940 and you will see there was no country called Jordan. It is obvious that you do not like Israel,and you have the right to think as you do… but keep in mind that when the U.N. created a 2 state solution in 1947,the Palestinians did not accept it and when israel declared Statehood,what did your peace loving Arabs do? 5 Arab countries invaded the new state to drive Israel into the Sea. The Arabs lost that and every war they started since,and you want Israel to give back E.Jerusalem? For the 19 years Jordan had control from 1948,they did not allow Jews to pray at their holy places. At the same time,the West Bank was held by Egypt and Jordan controled E.Jerusalem there was not one word of Statehood for the Palestinians during that time. But once Israel took over they demanded Statehood! IF THE PALESTINIANS AND THE ARABS WANT PEACE,ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS RECOGNIZE ISRAEL AS A JEWISH STATE. They have not since 1948 and in the meanwhile don’t tell Israel what they must do.

  7. Myackie says

    and people like Marym are always completely indifferent about Syria, Yemen, and all the other arab countries with all their human rights abuses.

    If you can’t blame Israel…they don’t care.

  8. Lee says

    Marym you are fool juda and Samaria belong to us and Jerusalem is our city if you love the Arab islamo cult so much move to Saudi Arabia then see how long you last! Am Chi israel!

  9. Vera says

    Ummmmmm, other than the false apartheid analogy (take it from me, a South African citizen), can I just point out that this is a monument to “LGBT” victims of the holocaust when in actuality, the vast majority of the victims were actually gay men? Yes I’m a lesbian but I would just like to point out that gay men suffered far more under the Nazis than any other “LGBT” group both in concentration camps and loony Nazi asylums to ‘cure’ homosexuality.

  10. Don W says

    @Lee: Always refreshing to see that crazy Fundamentalist hatred comes in other flavors besides Christian and Muslim.

  11. Joseph Singer says

    Billy Perdue must not be feeling well since he didn’t make any comments. Or maybe he’s remembering to take his meds.

  12. Knock says

    Ebola is a much worse way to die than cancer, so let’s stop looking for a cure for cancer. That’s what these comments sound like.

    Israel may be a paragon of tolerance and rainbows compared to the rest of that region, but research surveys show it’s not nearly as accepting of homosexuals (and probably not the rest of the LGBTQQI2SHASHTAG alphabet soup) as the West and Latin America, and acceptance there is barely increasing.

    Adults should know better than to fall for the fallacy of relative privation (B is worse than A, so A is good).

  13. Lee says

    Knock when compared to the rest of the region israel is better and while there are some conservatives who are less accepting most israeli society is tolerant while the laws may be behind in some areas(like marriage) they are ahead of the US in others(they’ve had nationwide anti discrimination laws since 1980’s). And I while advancement maybe slower than say Latin America its still faster than in Arab/Muslim lands where progress is being imprisoned rather than stoned/hanged/beheaded.

  14. MaryM says

    Civil marriage is illegal in Israel for ALL Israelis – gay and straight. they are required to travel outside the state to have a non-relifgious marriage.

    Israel’s position on gay rights does not excuse the evil, racist apartheid regime in operation against the Palestinian people in the illegally occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. Lest we forget Nelson Mandela claimed that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is worse than the treatment of black people by the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

    Why does the US give the racist state of Israel billion of US taxpayer dollars each year when we get nothing in return?

  15. MaryM says

    The US needs to stop giving $3,000,000,000 each year to the racist Israeli state immediately.

    We get NOTHING in return.

  16. Myackie says

    Marym…should we also stop giving so much money to the arabs? Or should that continue and only stop aiding Israel? I’m pretty sure I know your answer. People like you are the world’s biggest hypocrites…why do you arabs prefer to live in a fantasy world instead of reality? Israel won the wars…deal with it…and move on…

  17. Facts says

    @marym–if you bother to read the other comments, rather than sticking to your nonsensical talking points, you would learn why the US gives money to Israel (and Egypt).

    But don’t let facts get in the way of your hysterics

  18. Knock says

    Lee: You literally just quoted back to me the fallacy I outlined. Israel can *only* be described as tolerant in comparison to its neighbours. Even the US is more tolerant, whatever the laws may be.

    Secondly, no, actual surveys of the general Israeli population shows that they do not support equality for homosexuals (60% oppose it) – google Pew Research’s global survey – and their rate of increase in acceptance since the last time the survey was done (in 2007, I believe) is a paltry 2%.

  19. Knock says

    FACTS: If you don’t support something, you oppose it. I don’t care if 13% answered “don’t know” or “no opinion” or whatever the options were – they aren’t accepting us, they’re hedging their bets.

    40% acceptance is still pathetic.