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NOM Says Tim Tebow Deserves 'State of the Union' Invite More Than Jason Collins

Illustrating once again that NOM’s anti-gay animus extends beyond the marriage debate, the organization is now calling out President Obama for inviting openly gay NBA player Jason Collins to sit in the First Lady’s box at the State of the Union address tonight, saying in a blog post: 

Jason collinsProfessional athletes are looked up to by many young people in America as heroes and role models. Sadly, sometimes they do not live up to the responsibility that comes with their fame to be good examples and upright, admirable citizens –

For what it's worth, in today's gay-affirming culture - where being gay or lesbian is celebrated constantly in the entertainment world and highlighted seemingly daily in the news - we don't think that "coming out" is particularly heroic.

We assume that Jason Collins has done some fine things as a person to better society and help those in need. We'd be more interested in learning of those efforts than in having his sexuality shoved at us by the man that Newsweek dubbed, "the first gay President."

NOM also listed off its own list of sports stars more deserving of the President’s invitation including Tim Tebow, Eli Manning, and Albert Pujols. 

[via EqualityMatters]

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  1. Tim Tebow: A mediocre footballer at best. Also a Christian. What a trailblazer! Like being a Christian in America is somehow undesirable, or dangerous. America has the largest Christian population on earth, and yet they love to act like the underdogs.

    I'm not aware of what kind of player Jason Collins was, good or bad, but he's also Gay, took a stand, broke a glass ceiling, gave young LGBT sportspeople hope. That's why he's deserving of the recognition he receives. I mention Gay, because unlike being a Christian, being Gay still is dangerous in America.

    NOM can take a seat.

    Posted by: Chris | Jan 28, 2014 6:51:25 PM

  2. NOM has jumped the shark so many times that no one even notices anymore. It is a laughably ineffectual group in the United States. Overseas might be a different story, which explains why Brian Brown and his flaks are spreading their brand of intolerance and hate in places likes Russia and parts of Africa.

    Posted by: Drew | Jan 28, 2014 6:54:45 PM

  3. I would have thought they would over the moon that Willie, the son of Duck Dynasty bigot and homophobe, Phil is going to be there.

    Posted by: NotSafeForWork | Jan 28, 2014 7:08:20 PM

  4. Meh. One of those Duck Dynasty turds is attending the State of the Union address. Consider it a draw.

    Posted by: crispy | Jan 28, 2014 7:09:09 PM

  5. So they'd rather have a closeted gay athlete be invited instead of an openly gay athlete. Got it.

    Posted by: Jeff | Jan 28, 2014 7:11:47 PM

  6. The irony of course is that NOM can't understand why gay people need to be celebrated for being openly gay, while NOM themselves are directly responsible for why gay people need to be celebrated for coming out....

    Posted by: Sam | Jan 28, 2014 7:18:26 PM

  7. The irony of course is that NOM can't understand why gay people need to be celebrated for being openly gay, while NOM themselves are directly responsible for why gay people need to be celebrated for coming out....

    Posted by: Sam | Jan 28, 2014 7:18:27 PM

  8. Well NOM, when you get elected as President, you can invite anyone you want, until then, I think it is up to the current President to determine who they wish to honor.

    Posted by: Peter | Jan 28, 2014 7:20:12 PM

  9. NOM will be happy to learn that Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame has been invited to the State of the Union by a Congressman from Louisiana.

    Posted by: Clayton | Jan 28, 2014 7:21:20 PM

  10. NOM complaining about too much press on gay people- so let's invite the poster girl--err I mean boy-- of the massive Evangelical Christian movement in all sports- where on any given game day-be it Saturday or Sunday spectators are treated to references to the bible with references to specific verses on the grease paint under the players eyes to the infernal salute to Jesus after any play as well as the kneel down devotion -perfected by Mr. Tebow. More than one person is tired of seeing the unrelenting post game references to the supernatural superstar of Christian believers-each saying praise Yaweh, Jesus, etc......
    Jason Collins exhibits his "truth" by example--Mr. Tebow-not so much....

    Posted by: Nick | Jan 28, 2014 7:23:30 PM

  11. Jason Collins is a gimmick. He's not gay in my view. Anyone seen him with a boyfriend lately? He must be the only celibate young gay black man in America.

    He's a gimmick who is being exploited by Obama. Obama needs his gimmicks to keep his name in lights as far as the GLBT community is concerned.

    Posted by: jason | Jan 28, 2014 7:39:59 PM

  12. I think Tim Tebow likes built black men. President Obama should have invited both and seated them next to each other. They are so big, their legs would be rubbing against the other.

    Posted by: bravo | Jan 28, 2014 7:42:44 PM

  13. So NOM would prefer a closeted gay athlete in place of an openly gay one?

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Jan 28, 2014 7:43:33 PM

  14. Jason Collins is one of these exploitable commodities that Obama loves, much in the way the Grammys exploited the gay married couples. Exploit, exploit, exploit.

    Even Towleroad is a form of exploitation. Towleroad exploits homophobia, collects all the homophobic stories into one blog, and then exploits the fact that you are outraged by them. Homophobia is being marketed to you by Towleroad.

    Posted by: jason | Jan 28, 2014 7:43:53 PM

  15. And yet, Jason, here you are, lapping it up like a starving kitten. Doesn't it bother you to be a closeted homosexual? Isn't it hard hiding all the time? Oh, Jason, the Grammys featured M/M, F/F, and also M/F marriages, all to celebrate the fact that it's all the "Same Love."

    Posted by: DamFine | Jan 28, 2014 8:03:02 PM

  16. Tim WHO?

    Oh yeah, THAT guy.

    Posted by: Mark Alexander | Jan 28, 2014 8:07:00 PM

  17. Oh, a sportsman coming out is not heroic? Well, you try it then you ignorant f___s.

    Posted by: tristram | Jan 28, 2014 8:13:54 PM

  18. Damfine,

    Oh, please, the Grammys was a gimmick designed to appease gays who are easily appeased.

    The real question gays should be asking is : why weren't any openly gay male singers nominated and why aren't there any openly gay male singers in the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart?

    If the music industry loves us so much, why is there not even one openly gay male act in the Hot 100?

    Face it - you've been had. You've been had by celebrities...for like the 1,000,000 th time.

    Posted by: jason | Jan 28, 2014 8:20:48 PM

  19. "Sadly, sometimes they do not live up to the responsibility that comes with their fame to be good examples and upright, admirable citizens..." - NOM, you ought to be applying this criticism to yourselves.

    "we don't think that coming out is particularly heroic." - Oh no? And what would you know about it?!

    "...having his sexuality shoved at us..." - It's no longer 'down your throats'...? Now it's 'at you'...?

    Posted by: milkman | Jan 28, 2014 8:23:42 PM

  20. @ Jason Quit being such sour grapes. A lot of people see/saw the grammys and an opportunity was taken to NORMALIZE gays and equality.

    Yes, we're not 'there' yet where things are 100% equal. Don't knock progress in the right direction.

    Stop talking about gays like we're the f***ing Borg Collective.

    Posted by: mrRiley | Jan 28, 2014 8:28:57 PM

  21. David Duke also chimed in as being offended that no one from the Ku Klux Klan was invited to sit with Michelle....

    Posted by: woodroad34 | Jan 28, 2014 8:29:12 PM

  22. Leave Jason alone...he's a bossy bottom and scrapes with his teeth.

    Posted by: wct | Jan 28, 2014 8:42:11 PM

  23. Jason = the resident right-wing homophobic troll

    Posted by: litper | Jan 28, 2014 9:28:20 PM

  24. I'm pretty sure that as soon as Timbo comes out, FLOTUS (or FMOTUS) will invite him to sit in her/his box.

    Come on out, Timmy, the water's fine.

    Posted by: Tim Tebottom | Jan 28, 2014 9:39:46 PM

  25. Have a seat, Jason. Nobody pulled your string.

    Posted by: FFS | Jan 28, 2014 9:59:09 PM

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