1. Geoff says

    Clearly they are from outer space. These alien creatures have proven that angels are real…and really like cookies…a lot

  2. Strepsi says

    Love Pentatonix!
    Have their albums and supported them since they mentioned the Trevor Project on the Sing-Off.

    Also: 12 was my favorite song as a kid – -the pinball machine!

  3. jjose712 says

    Robert: Why lose your time (and the time of the people who lose it reading you stupid comment) and don’t pass on the news that you are not interested.

    Pentatonix has two gay members, and curiously (or not, because they are really talented) they are very popular (to a totally different level of any other group that was in the sing off).
    If you don’t like is perfectly ok, but what you like or not is not the meassure of anything, and giving the fact that the tittle of the article says clearly what this is about, you could easily avoid watch the clips if you wanted it

  4. Sergio says

    I like Pentatonix (Mitch is my favorite of the group), but Robert does have a small point: Towleroad has had a lot of a cappella posts in the past year.

  5. bicuriousus says

    Interesting comments above. All the acappella singing posts here had me thinking acappella must be one of those things popular with all the other gays that I just don’t get. Now I know I am not alone.

    That being said their bit for Sesame Street seems like a great thing for kids!