1. Wavin' Dave says

    Jeez are those clothes FUGLY!
    For the upcoming games, I think most folks would do well to wear Kevlar. I have a very bad feeling about the headlines we’ll see.

  2. MaryM says

    Ugly clothes for ugly people (anyone who attends these Olympics without vocally condemning Russian homophobia is a collaborator – and that especially includes the athletes – a group of people so selfish that they think their ability to win a medal trumps the human rights of millions – people like Johnny Weir in fact.

  3. Stephen says

    Thank God the Canadians have a better outfit that that horrible look. I get the whole “uber American” thing but that is just ugly. I’d outright refuse to wear that anywhere during the Olympics.

  4. John Freeman says

    I guess I’m in a minority here because I love these sweater jackets. They are completely in line with the other patch work garments in the Ralph Lauren Denim Supply line, which I like a lot.
    This does not imply that I support the Sochi Olympics in any way, but just looking at the jackets from a design perspective.

  5. domyluc says

    You see, this is what happens when you take the gay out of the Olympics. A str8 woman I know once said she would only wear clothes by a gay designer because str8 designers were awful. Ralph Lauren proves her point. Although, I must say, it couldn’t happen to a nicer Olympics.

  6. woody says

    they are loud and ugly for a reason: grabbing attention, just like cheese-dripping burgers on mcdonald’s billboards and screaming cereal boxes on a supermarket shelf.
    they are advertisements for mr. lifshitz’s brand.
    but the olympics… they’re all about the human spirit… sure…
    i wonder what would happen if some athletes didn’t wear them.

  7. Christopher says

    I want one, love it. Opening ceremony at the Olympics is not a fashion competition. This sweater is an in your face statement. It’s a loud, bold statement of national pride.

  8. says

    Would you sign and share my petition being sent to NBC and the International Olympic Committee called:

    “TOP TEN REASONS WHY WE WON’T BE WATCHING THE 2014 SOCHI OLYMPICS”. Let them know we won’t support corporations and organizations that put money and profits ahead of people and human rights. Here’s the web link:

  9. George Deeming says

    …come on — it doesn’t matter what you think. There is no doubt as to what country these outfits represent and the ‘patchwork’ motif is as old as the country – the making of patchwork quilts is in our heritage and we’re certainly a ‘patchwork’ group of people – the country is made up of peoples from everywhere – the mix is what makes us strong – it’s unfortunate that some bigots don’t see it that way.

  10. Quicksilver says

    Now that’s a Grandma sweater. After those really bad Beijing berets – nothing says America like sailor suits with French brimless hats – they need to cancel RL’s contact to humiliate our athletes. Better yet, dispense with these stupid Olympics altogether. We need a Running Man/Hunger Games/Battle Royale/Series 7-type tournament to settle once and for all who rules this puny planet.

  11. says

    I wasn’t quite aghast like some other commenters, but then I saw that he’d had the Polo brand name knitted into the lapel! Now that is truly tacky. Won’t be watching anyway, so it really won’t matter.

  12. Acronym Jim says

    Since these look like a throw back to the 1930’s, they might be more appropriate for the Russian team. You’d just need to swap out the US flag and identifying patches for Russian ones.

  13. FFS says

    They should go a long way towards ensuring the safety of our athletes in that cesspool that calls itself a country. Nobody could be mistaken for gay while wearing those eyesores.

  14. graphicjack says

    This reminds me of that Hallmark ornament “Don we Now Our FESTIVE Apparel”… maybe that was the point… it’s subtly mocking Hallmark with their anti-gay ornament for the anti-gay Olympics. Are they a sponsor? LOL

  15. Thomas Cardellino says

    Has Ralph Lauren developed cataracts that demand such simplistically ugly gross caricatures of so-called “American” imagery? And, at what cost to the USOC? Kindergartners could have provided these designs, and probably with just a hint of fresh thought, without seeming so garish and cartoonish. Has Ralph scheduled any length of stay in a rehab facility lately? These designs look like they were thrown together when the deadline was two days away. Atrocious!

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