Russian Officials Aghast At EU’s ‘Aggressive Propaganda Of Homosexual Love’

A new report published by the Russian Foreign Ministry office takes the European Union to task on its support for the rights of homosexual citizens. In particular, the report criticizes "the aggressive propaganda of homosexual love" found throughout the EU.

PutinQueer Russia reports:

Russia has mounted a diplomatic offensive against “gay propaganda,” accusing the EU in a new report of trying to promote an “alien view of homosexuality and same-sex marriages as a norm of life.”

The report, whose English translation refers to gays as “queers,” slams Europe’s “dissemination of their neo-liberal values as a universal lifestyle for all other members of the international community.”

It also notes “a steady growth of xenophobia, racism, violent nationalism, chauvinism and neo-Nazism” in Europe.

Though Russian President Vladimir Putin has maintained (in a quite silly manner) that the country's terrible anti-gay "propaganda" laws are not an affront to the rights of sexual minorities, this report seems to suggest that many in Russia believe the international community should take notice and make changes in their own permissiveness. It is a disturbing sentiment to say the least, especially considering that the already fraught Sochi Olympics are mere weeks away. 


  1. Jerry says

    They completely missed the point- LGBTs have earned their rights in Europe and the US- WE’VE LEARNED HOW TO FIGHT, AND BORDERS WON’T KEEP US DOWN! The Ruskies should be worried.

  2. Jay says

    The Kremlin has such internalized homophobia that they believe it is icky enough to keep Russian from sympathizing with and ultimately joining the European Union. Congratulations Russia, your government has no talent and it is appealing to your fears to stay in top. I would think you deserve better, but what do I know?

  3. give me a break says

    “trying to promote an ‘alien view of homosexuality and same-sex marriages as a norm of life.'”

    Wake up, stupid. That’s exactly what you’re doing to gay people.

  4. Bryan L says

    Well, the Russian Foreign Ministry is full of idiots, isn’t it? Their insane homophobia is getting scarier by the minute. What the hell is wrong with these people?

  5. Charles says

    People keep asking what is wrong with these people.

    This is not ignorance or stupidity: it is the painstaking creation of a huge right-wing Russian nationalist bloc that is cynically trying to use specious and fearful family-values concerns, ingrained religious sectarianism, post-imperial humilation and xenophobia to build a political entity in Russia that will outlast Putin’s shabby and overlong pedigree. It is cynical fascist maneuvering. And it is working like a Goddamn charm.

  6. Mike Ryan says

    Every country should announce a full boycott of the Sochi Olympics as well as the upcoming World Games, also to be held in Russia. Russia, Nigeria and all countries that discriminate against gays should be kicked out of the United Nations. If we do nothing we jeopardize our lives.

  7. jmartindale says

    Charles is right. This is a political/religious plan designed to install a new Nazi-like nationalistic tyrranny in Russia. They don’t call themselves Nazis, but their techniques are the same. The Neo-Nazis in France are of the same stripe. Gays are the new Jews. We have a target on our backs. The primitives in Nigeria are the same thing. It may be too late, but the western powers should really pull out of Sochi.

  8. says

    Before you dismiss these moves so flippantly, consider that Putin’s turn towards homophobia allows Russia to pose as the vanguard of traditional values with the backing not only of large swathes of African and Muslim countries, but also substantial minorities within Europe and even the US.

    No doubt now many members of the GOP prefer Putin to our President.

    It is not trivial, it is a global threat.

    The conservative forces even in the EU have managed to block pro-choice moves and have consistently been able to block establishing marriage equality in the EU. The Estrela Report, for example, blocking which is one of the causes of Brian Brown’s new organization.

    The same can be said for the UN, which is incapable of establishing global agreements on gay rights because of the union between places like Russia and conservative elements. As the Russians love to quote, there are no international agreements that include gay rights. Sexual orientation appears in no international treaties.

  9. Randy says

    Are they complaining about “a steady growth of xenophobia, racism, violent nationalism, chauvinism and neo-Nazism” in Europe because it’s not growing fast enough to match Russia?

  10. says

    I have a hunch that the excessive alcoholism in Russia is caused by repressed homosexuality in all these vulgar bigots. Here’s a joke:

    “Rainbows outlawed in Sochi during the Olympics. Pray for cloudy weather” – Queer Renegade News

  11. OZ in TX says

    I agree with Charles and KevinInVT – this document is part of a devilish plan to turn Russia’s dissatisfaction with Putin’s regime and redirect it toward Russia’s LGBT community, which had few protections in the first place, and those have been effectively stripped away.

    The Russian Orthodox Church must be rubbing its’ collective hands in glee, anticipating the defection of Russian Catholics, who are no doubt increasingly dissatisfied with Pope Francis and his lack of vitrol toward LGBT folks (at least when compared to Pope Palpatine) – I expect to read reports of dwindling RCC attendance and a boom in Russian Orthodox conversions over this.

    What’s next? I fully expect to see some act of ‘terrorism’ staged by ‘LGBT extremists’ which will finally give the Russian government the justification it needs to start rounding up LGBT Russians – either as ‘suspicious persons’ or, more laughably, ‘for their own protection’ against an enraged Russia who has been manipulated into rising up against them.

    I want to be wrong. Sweet baby Jeebus, I want to be wrong. But I’m absolutely terrified for our LGBT brothers and sisters in Russia, because we’ve seen this progression before in history – with horrifying results.

  12. EchtKultig says

    “But I’m absolutely terrified for our LGBT brothers and sisters in Russia, because we’ve seen this progression before in history – with horrifying results.”


    “Well if Nazi Russia says so…”
    Actually, it’s worse than that. Or I should say potentially worse than that. If you read histories of WWII in Eastern Europe, particularly Hungary, you’d find that as much as they hated them, the Nazis were preferred to the Soviets. The Nazis were basically civil, merely roughing up the local citizens. They at least tried to keep their evil behind closed doors and believed in some rule of law. The Soviets soldiers, OTOH, raped every woman and child in the village.

  13. TheSeer says

    ‘a steady growth of xenophobia, racism, violent nationalism, chauvinism and neo-Nazism in Europe’

    Ah, the projection.

    Russia is a fascistic cesspool of a nation.

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