Scruff Launches Gay Hook-Up Slang Dictionary With Foreign Language Translations


Because the need to hook up can strike any place, any time, the folks behind location-aware social networking app Scruff have provided a multi-language gay slang dictionary

Scruff Gay Slang DictionaryThe words themselves are pretty common to all but the newest of gays and the definitions are pretty sparse, but the selling point is that all of the words are translated into 41 languages, so you'll know the proper term for "NSA" almost everywhere you go.

Not all translations are word-for-word, but that's to be expected when working with slang. Some terms translate strangely - the Japanese term for "kink" is the English loan word "abnormal" (a-bu-no-ma-ru), for example - but others are arguably better than their English counterpart; the German phrase for a "bear chaser", "Bären-Jäger" which literally translates to "bear hunter", puts a decidedly different spin on the bear-chaser dynamic.


  1. V-8 says

    was in Brazil recently, and noticed that no one seems to know the difference between a bear, an otter, and a wolf…. everybody with hair was a bear there… hopefully this dictionary will help that issue a bit, as it can be misleading…

  2. CC says

    Unfortunately, the German section is riddled with gaps and basic errors. Looked into suggesting corrections, and the drop-down menu of languages (a required field) doesn’t even include German. Major fail. I think this is the result of some late-night brainstorming, certainly not the product of actual research or language knowledge.

  3. Paul R says

    As though “a gay man who pursues bears” will be crystal clear across 41 languages. It just makes me laugh, because I’m imagining a group of queens out hunting (in the woods, not bars…though both can be deadly!).

  4. gordon says

    This particular translation is going to cause confusion. What is a “bear” in the gay world has been going on for ages. Typically an overweight hairy male, but not necessarily overweight OR particularly hairy.

  5. Rick says

    Because this is SO much more important than breaking stories about Chris Christie’s direct involvement and implication in local political corruption/strongarming.

  6. Tyler says

    Rick’s just sore because he’ll never get a date from this app or any app. Or through any other means that doesn’t require $$$. But at least he’s not ranting about how terrible he thinks women and effeminate gay men are.

    So long as the creators of the app are open to suggestions and alternate meanings I’m sure this will actually prove to be quite helpful.

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