Transgender California Teen, Suspended For Dress Code, Slams School’s Double-Standard

HolidayyStaceyy Holidayy, a 15-year old, transgender high school student, received a two-day suspension from officials at El Rancho High School for a dress code violation last Wednesday. Holidayy's blouse had cut-outs that exposed parts of her upper and lower back, as well as her undergarments.

The student claims that she was actually attempting to get a rise out of her school's officials, due in part to the confusing mixed messages she has received regarding their acceptance of her female identity. Holidayy was reportedly urged to use a private bathroom in the nurse's office to change for gym class and use the restroom, making the consistently bullied teen wonder at the school's pick-and-choose recognition of her gender identity.

Whittier Daily News reports:

“I don’t know how they can suspend me because I broke rules for girls when I can’t use the girls restroom or locker room,” she said Friday at her home.

El Rancho Unified School District Superintendent Martin Galindo disputed that claim.

“Staceyy was suspended for not changing out of her partially backless top,” he explained. “She was given multiple chances to change but refused.”

He explained that school officials concluded that it would be safer for Holidayy, who chose to use the double y’s in her first and last names because she wanted her female moniker to be unique, to change for P.E. class in the nurse’s office, as well as use the office’s restroom.

The two parties disagree on Holidayy’s acceptance of that practice.

Galindo said she agreed to the arrangement, while Holidayy said she had no choice but to do so. “It made me feel bad and different using the nurse’s office,” she said.

Galindo also assured that Holidayy is technically allowed to use female facilities at the school, in accordance with California's AB1266 legislation which protects transgender youth's use of facilities that match their gender identity in California public schools. For Holidayy, the incident is another in a long line of difficulties she has faced.

“I just want things to change, to get better,” she said.