Vatican Calls On Former Swiss Guard To Expose ‘Gay Lobby’


Earlier this month we reported on an allegation made by a former member of the Swiss Guard, the military unit charged with protecting the Pope with their lives, that he had been solicited for sex at least 20 times by members of the clergy during his tenure with the guard. The AP now reports that a top official at the Vatican has called on the former guard to name names:

Elmar Maeder, who headed the Swiss Guards from 2002-2008, told the Swiss newspaper Schweiz am Sonntag that he didn't doubt that predatory gays worked at the Vatican. He was quoted as saying that in his experience, "many homosexuals tend to be more loyal toward each other than toward other people or institutions." He said he wouldn't promote gay guards out of fear they might be disloyal.

In an interview with La Repubblica, Archbishop Angelo Becciu, No. 2 in the Vatican's secretariat of state, urged Maeder to provide names to back his accusations. His office confirmed his quotes Friday.

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  1. sam says

    There are predatory gay men just as there are predatory straight men. Stop trying to make this a unique issue when it isn’t.

  2. Simon says

    It may be a bit difficult to get into those armors and the swords won’t stop their advance either.

  3. Phil says

    “He said he wouldn’t promote gay guards out of fear they might be disloyal.”

    That’s called discrimination.

  4. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Looks like the candidates for the Swiss Guard must be extremely good looking to qualify.

  5. NotSafeForWork says

    Anyone interested in joining the Swiss Guard?

    Swiss Guard seeking new recruits on Facebook

    Members of the Pope’s army must be Swiss citizens, Catholics of upright moral standing, single and between the ages of 19 and 30.

    The Swiss Guard’s Facebook page can be seen at:

  6. goodworker says

    @ SAM – It’s called ULTIMATE ATTRIBUTION ERROR. The out-group (gays) all have the same characteristics and when they f**** up it is becuase of intrinsic factors; while in-group (str8s) have different characteristics, and when they f*** up it’s because of extrinsic factors.

    That’s what allows one to generalize about ‘predatory gays’ and their so called ‘disloyalty’…

  7. tommyz says

    True story – Our SVP of services once told me she ‘tried’ hiring a gay man once – but it didnt’ work out – so she would never do it again” – of course they are more loyal to each other – when you have to hide who you are because of other peoples prejudices – it would be normal to assume they will band. Let them live openly and see how it changes.

  8. andrew says

    Why are some horny gay Priests, Bishops or Cardinals who are propositioning young Swiss Guards for sex called a “Gay Lobby”? “Gay Lobby” sounds like they are trying to influence the Papacy to change it’s horrific policies regarding LGBT people. If that is there goal, they sure are the worst lobbyists on the planet. The fact that there are homosexuals in high places in the Roman Catholic Church should come as no surprise to anybody. It should be clear to anybody who knows much about the Catholic Church: it’s Clergy, Seminaries, Religious Orders etc, that a clear majority of the Catholic Clergy are homosexual. Most are closeted to be sure. Some are surely self loathing. However, many, if not most, do good work in the service of humanity. The irony and tragedy is that an organization that could not function without the work of it’s homosexual Clergy, is so homophobic.

  9. woodroad34d says

    If priests are propositioning Elmar Maeder, they are indeed lonely. just google that fool and that mustache doesn’t help. I’m sure he’s doing all this because he’s not getting action he desperately needs. BTW, why would anyone be loyal to someone who hates you? Sick, pathetic, Elmar…go find a wabbit.

  10. says

    This does not relate to the story exactly but a comment reminded me of a straight good looking boss I once had in a medium sized office of about 20. Anyway, the boss told me that he always preferred to higher gay men to work in the office for several reasons, one, they were usual very meticulous at what they did and two, they would keep his competition down for the attractive girls in the office.
    I found that a win win situation. He was a good boss and I will never forget his favorite saying “It’s time to take a dip in the secretary pool”. OK maybe he was chauvinistic and a skirt chaser but he was a good man and treated gays, if not women fairly. But he really loved girls…This was twenty years ago….

  11. Bill says

    If quoted correctly, Elmar Maeder seems unclear on a basic concept: soliciting sex from an adult is not predatory unless there is some coercion (direct or implied), bribery (payment for services), or persistence after someone says, “no”.

  12. anon says

    Are we to assume that the gay lobby was the group protecting the child abusing priests or is that the story the Vatican is going with?

  13. billywingartenson says

    The vat is trying to blame gays for the Pope butler biz — the butler exposed the vat bank for laundering 30 million for the mob.

    Its just antoher version of how they blamed gays for the endless HIDDEN molestation of chldren by their sex starved priests

  14. Bob says

    A– OF COURSE a person in a position of power such as a priest soliciting sex from young guards is predatory, because a catholic is not supposed to refuse a priest anything.

    B– VERY DISAPPOINTED that the other comments do not point out the unfairness of not promoting Gays


  15. jjose712 says

    I’m tired of the media using the term lobby in this story.
    A lobby is a group that put pressure on the powerful to get what they want.
    There’s nothing of that here, nobody is pressuring for gay rights on the Vatican, maybe they are pressuring some members of the swiss guard to have sex, but that not qualify them as a lobby

  16. james st. james says

    Look how close they are standing together! Not just shoulder to shoulder but front to back. Every man with a dangling sword and a pike held erect.

    Who could resist?

  17. William says

    Umm… I Googled Elmar Maeder and looked at his pics. If any cleric propositioned him, the cleric was either desperate or had no taste. On the plus side, the cleric wasn’t a pedophile.