Virginia’s House of Delegates Quashes Gay Marriage Ban Repeal Without Hearing

Virginia Chariman elegate Mark Cole today announced that the Privileges and Elections Committee would wait until next session to hear any constitutional amendments, according to a press release from Delegate Scott Surovell's office.

Said Surovell (pictured): Surovell

“Virginia Republican’s refusal to even consider same-sex marriage is backwards and proving increasingly archaic. Marriage is about loving, committed couples who want to make a lifelong promise to take care of and be responsible for each other, in good times and bad.”

Two bills, one in the Senate and one in the House, would repeal the Marshall-Newman Amendment passed in 2006 which banned same-sex marriage in Virginia's Constitution.

VirginiaAdded Ebbin:

“Virginians are ready to repeal the Marshall-Newman amendment. This unfair and discriminatory law denies loving couples the chance to build a life together, throwing up burdens that straight couples never have to face. People deserve to be judged by their actions, and laws that deny people fundamental rights because of their sexual orientation should have no place in Virginia. We have lost and will continue to lose hard-working citizens to other states.”