Tennessee Councilman Chris Anderson: ‘They are Recalling Me Because I’m Openly Gay’ – VIDEO


Chattanooga City Councilman Chris Anderson, Tennessee's first openly gay elected official, is facing a recall threat from members of his district, and Anderson says he knows why:

"They are recalling me because I'm openly gay."

WysongThe efforts are being led by a man who does not even live in Anderson's district, WRCB reports:

"Even though the petition doesn't say 'We're recalling Chris Anderson because he's gay,' it's a pretext for the real reason," said Stuart James, Anderson's attorney. James says the man driving the recall effort, Charlie Wysong, does not live in District 7. Wysong helped get the city's domestic partnership benefits ordinance on the ballot.

"It's obvious to me that he's a leader of the group. He's saying, 'That's nonsense. I'm just an advisor.' No. He's been at the election commission meeting. He's been everywhere," said James.

"I have every right to be involved in this. I am a citizen of this city," said Charlie Wysong.

Wysong says the recall has nothing to do with Anderson being gay, but for not doing his job. He says people in District 7 sought him out for advice. "Let me say this. If he was straight as an arrow, and had treated the people of this district like he's treated them, I'd be for recalling him as well," said Wysong.

Anderson has filed a lawsuit to stop the recall efforts which are underway. Organizers must collect 1,600 signatures by April 10 to put the recall on the ballot in August.

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  1. Hey Darlin' says

    It seems odd to have the opportunity to explain how people have been mistreated but instead use the time to explain why your voice should be included in those outside your district.

  2. DaveTN says

    Why are Christians such liars? I live in Chattanooga and yes, his being gay is the ONLY reason for their actions. They try to lie & make it appear the domestic partnership ordinance is the only thing he has done, while they totally ignore the day-to-day work he does for his district.

    And i’m sure they’ll get the necessary signatures because they use the usual Christian tactics, especially preying on the homophobic black churches in Anderson’s district, using the usual “Falwell-esque” lingo of “moral agenda” and “homosexual lifestyle” to scare them into thinking that God will bring His wrath to their district for voting an abomination into office.