Anti-gay Bigot Bob Marshall Running for Congress in Virginia

Notoriously anti-gay Virginia legislator Bob Marshall is expected to announce his candidacy for Congress in the state’s 10th district sometime this week. The district, which leans conservative but is considered a battleground, already has five other GOP candidates running in the upcoming race to succeed retiring Rep. Frank Wolf.  

In a letter sent to supporters detailing his intentions to run, Marshall was sure to highlight his social conservative credentials to help stand out from the crowded Republican pack:

Bob marshallAs the author of Virginia’s “One-Man, One-Woman” Marshall-Newman Marriage Amendment, which was overwhelmingly ratified by Virginians in 2006, I believe in the Founders’ vision for respecting the laws of “Nature and Nature’s God.”

Equality of persons does not mean equality of behavior. I believe in and have fought for equality for all of my 23 years in Richmond, but I believe in the traditional purpose and sanctity of marriage, and believe that governments should respect the concept of traditional marriage.

I am currently taking on Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring, who is leading the assault against this Marriage Amendment, as well as ignoring other obligations and responsibilities as Virginia’s attorney general to enforce the state constitution and state laws.  I have spent my career protecting the U.S. and Virginia constitutions, and vow to continue to do so, no matter what.

I have fought for these things because I believe in God, America, freedom, self-governance, and the power of the individual.  My actions and my record reflect my beliefs.  I haven’t spent decades with polls and focus groups, and my record speaks for itself.

Marshall is well-known in Virginia for his past anti-gay obstructionist campaigns, including his attempt to block gays from serving in the Virginia National Guard, block the Gay Pride flag from being flown at the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank, and block a judicial nominee on the grounds that he was “an aggressive activist for the pro-homosexual agenda.” He has also spoken at length about his belief that “sodomy is not a civil right.”


  1. Michael Barber says

    Why do conservatives always contradict themselves? One cannot uphold the US Constitutions 14th Amendment and the VA State Constitution in the same breath, nor can one uphold the principle of self-governing and deny equal rights to LGBTs in the same breath. These people have a psychotic disconnect in their brains.

  2. says

    Willful ignorance.

    Nature disagrees with you Bob. Nature tells us the exact opposite of what you espouse. Sexuality is innate, intrinsic, and no amount of special interest pandering is going to change that.

    ‘Sodomy is not a civil right’ Really? How is it that 95% of heterosexuals and homosexuals disagree with you? Here’s the takeaway you obviously missed from from the Cuccinelli campaign … what any two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom is no one’s business but their own. That’s PRIMARY to small government Bob. The fact that this totally negates your double speak on ‘self-governance’ is not lost on today’s voters.

    A pablum of double speak while waving a Bible as authority is trademark for the regressive brand of obstructionist, special interest, states rights governance by and for a ‘privileged’ set. It’s anathema to progress and equality and today’s voters see it for exactly what it is.

  3. Jim says

    Since he knows he’s going to lose, I guess he’s got nothing to lose so we’ll hear a stream of foul anti-gay abuse until the primary. That’s really the purpose–a kind of Tea Bagger performance art.

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