1. SpaceCadet says

    Coooool! I wouldn’t be surprised if these designs were incorporated into wide-spread residential use, at lease for more hip homes.

  2. Ruddigore says

    A. It’s going to get filthy at the points that you touch it to open and close it.

    B. How do you lock it? If you wanted to have these throughout the house you would need locks for a bathroom door or a bedroom door.

  3. Rrhain says

    Locks can easily be integrated through simple bolts to prevent the mechanism from moving.

    However, this does require that you have room to the side for the door. Not all frames have that luxury. And it doesn’t seem very good at sealing the entry way, so this would be best for interior spaces.

    It also needs an opening that is twice as tall as it is wide. Standard doors are 80″ tall, requiring a 40″ opening for this door. Even wide doors are only 36″. In his second example, he’s got a 42.5″ opening (108 cm is about 42.5 inches). And his first example has a door about 10 feet tall…a standard door is only 6’8″.

    These won’t be showing up in a typical house any time soon. They’re too impractical.