1. says

    She has turned out to be a wonderful daughter and ally to the gay community. Who would have thought? I always liked her but she seemed the wall-flower type. Now married I’m sure that has given her much more confidence. Can’t wait for Hillary to be President and Chelsea to return as First Daughter again.

  2. Bill Perdue says

    BS. Bill Clinton caused the current depression with NAFTA and the deregulation Bills – the of Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 each of which he enthusiastically elbowed through Congress before singing them. The same is true of DADT and DOMA. After signing DOMA he boasted about it.

    CBS News chief political consultant Marc Ambinder: “One reason the Rick Warren thing is a big deal is because, after Bill Clinton, the gay community is unusually sensitive to getting the shorter angle of presidential triangulation. It is hard to overstate the optimism and excitement that gays and lesbians felt in 1992. But the optimism deflated spectacularly after “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell” and the Defense of Marriage Act, not to mention President Clinton’s sneaky 1996 ad boasting about DOMA, which aired only on Christian radio. Clinton was willing to say the word “gay” in public and appear in black tie at the Human Rights Campaign dinner, but, in the eyes of the gay political community, his commitment to gay rights vanished both times it counted most.”

    Being a supporter of the Democrats or Republicans and counting on Democrats like Clinton, Obama and the rest is like being in that cult that dances with rattlers. You never know when you’ll get bitten.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Bill Perdue,

    I thought you’d gone on to glory.

    Well. I’m glad you’re still alive…and talking all that jive socialist sh.t you’ve been talking for 60 years. Keep the faith, brotha’.

  4. Me says

    In the summer of 2012 VPOTUS Joe Biden came to Provincetown to do a fundraiser. It was not his idea. He came at the request of a local gay man and the event was a huge success.
    Back in 1992 I did the grooming (aka hair/make-up) for Bill Clinton over the course of a few days for the N.H. primary. He couldn’t have been nicer. We chatted and he was totally cool. I certainly didn’t hide the fact that I’m gay.
    The current crop of Dems in that Clinton/Obama D.C. circle will always get my vote!

  5. Really says

    Bill Peewue conveniently ignores how the army’s policy was to pursue a criminal court marshal toward gays BEFORE “don’t ask don’t tell” and “DOMA” was a stop gap action against a constitutional amendment against marriage equality.

  6. Hey Darlin' says

    “Changing laws and changing the political dialogue while necessary is insufficient to ensure that bullying stops; to ensure that every young person is supported by their parents and their teachers as they question who they are and they discover who they are regardless of the sexuality,”

    THIS is exactly why the fight for equality is important. Someone has to think of the children, the ones bullied for being who they are. The ones who also deserve a world of possibilities only equality can bring to them.

  7. Randy says

    I hate it SO much when people call us “the” unfinished business, or “the” last civil rights issue.

    That’s crap. I didn’t ask for my rights to be respected, just to ignore everyone else.

  8. Jake says

    Stop whining about DOMA and DADT under Clinton. I was booted under DADT and even I forgive him. Anyone so unreservedly angry at Clinton and the Democrats clearly has no idea how legislative politics works. Republicans had enough Democratic ba)cking to do anything they wanted on gays (think: override); Clinton was able to make the damage less bad. Ideal? Hell no. But stop looking at 1993 and 1996 thorough a 2014 lens.

  9. Simon says

    You are out of order to drag Obama into it.
    Even some think he has not done enough, he definitely has done more than all previous presidents combined on gay rights.

  10. says

    @ REALLY: obviously you mean well in your attempt to defend President Clinton from the broadbrush revisionsist nonsense. But we mustn’t add to what those who Love to Hate Bill with other misfacts. So, no, court martials were NOT the standard procedure before DADT. While they did SOMETIMES occur, they were very rarely used because 1. discharges through an “administrative board” were much easier, cheaper, and had no real “rules of evidence.” Accusations by others alone were enough to get many discharged. 2. Court martials were far more complicated, expensive, and required violating one of the articles of the so-called Uniform Code of Military Justice. While not always “sodomy,” just as in civilian courts wihout someone witnessing the “act” convictions were hard to come by.

    DADT was NOT that much better than the policy ban it superseded. It essentially was just old wine in a new bottle with a new label. BUT it is simply a lie to say that Clinton “gave” us it or “created” it or that his support for gay rights “vanished” in the process. His promise of lifting the existing ban by executive order was torpedoed by virtually everyone around him—most of all in the public’s mind by Repug Chair of the Joint Chiefs Colin Powell whose approval ratings were TEN PERCENT higher than Clinton’s, and who threatened to resign if the ban was lifted, and claimed that being gay was a choice.

    In functional terms he was most betrayed by his own Party including homophobic Democratic Senator Sam Nunn who wrote and introduced the bill to simply change that ban into the federal law that became colloquially known as DADT. Tho Dems controlled Congress in ’93, Nunn’s bill passed the Senate by NINETY-TWO to 7 and the House by THREE HUNDRED & ONE to 134. I still think that Clinton should have given it a SYMBOLIC veto, but he would have been overriden, it still would have become law, and his progress on anything else in his first year as POTUS had already been brought to a virtual standstill by the viciousness of the ban debate. DADT expert and gay historian Nathaniel Frank summed it up in his book “Unfriendly Fire” this way:

    “Looking back, we can see that don’t ask, don’t tell was the result of three different forces operating together and reinforcing one another—and all three rested on a belief that homosexuality was morally objectionable. The first was the conflicted feelings of the American public and, even more so, the military population. … The second was the powerful empire of conservative Christian groups that made maintaining the gay ban into their cause célèbre. The extraordinary alliance of the religious right laid the elaborate groundwork for the successful campaign that convinced America that it would let gays serve their country at considerable peril. And the third source was the personal opposition to gay service of academic, political, and military leaders such as Charles Moskos, Sam Nunn, and Colin Powell. … The new Clinton White House and the existing cadre of gay advocacy groups were totally unprepared for the opposition they would encounter…. In the hands of the religious right, Moskos’s privacy concerns quickly morphed into sweeping homophobic declarations that homosexuality threatened to destroy the military and, ultimately, Western civilization. With the help of Sam Nunn and Colin Powell, Christian conservatives [would] stave off Armageddon for a little while longer.”

  11. says

    How about talking about the wise and eloquent words of this graceful young woman rather than rehashing your angry talking points from nearly two decades ago that had to do with her father, eh?

    Chelsea Clinton makes a powerful speech. Enter Angry Ninnies – ignoring her words so they can screech about the past.

    Well met, Chelsea. You’re a peach.

  12. andrew says

    BILL PERDUE and MICHAEL BEDWELL are two peas in a pod. They both know that the Clintons, the Obamas and the National Democratic Party are strong supporters of the LGBT Community. They have their own hidden agenda for not admitting it.

  13. andrew says

    Mike Ryan in attempting to praising Chelsea Clinton said: “Now married I’m sure that has given her much more confidence.” That is his mind set. He probably doesn’t even realize how insulting that comment is.

  14. emjayay says

    I’m pretty damn sure that under the circumstances Chelsea isn’t giving any speeches she didn’t discuss with her mother. Hillary gave a major pro gay speech to the countries of the world at some UN forum in Geneva when she was secretary of state. And that was a few years ago.

    Bill Perdue is always posting his Obama Is Not Perfect Enough comments at Americablog also. Here’s the thing: If an American politician was the perfect socialist ideal, they wouldn’t get as far as dogcatcher.

  15. MaryM says

    Why has Bill Clinton never apologised for signing ENDA and DADT and for using the signing of these grptesque laws which damaged millions, in his promotion.

    I do not want Hillary as the next president. Dynastical politics are abhorrent. This is MEANT to be a democracy (it’s not of course).

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