1. sam says

    @Steve, exactly what I was thinking. She won’t veto it because it’s the right thing to do, but because of the economics behind it. If God does exist, he has to be disappointed in this world….or it’s not a God worth believing in…

  2. RonCharles says

    If you go to Governor Brewers’ website you can use the Contact Us feature to send an e-mails directly to Governor Brewer urging her to veto this bill. This is especially important if you are a citizen of the state of Arizona.

    Just go to:

    There are, also, phone numbers there though the mailboxes are now full, and there is a FAX number, as well.

    You can, also, just look up Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on the web to go to her website.

  3. crispy says

    So he actually doesn’t know a damn thing and is just speculating.

    Has he even met Jan Brewer? She ain’t exactly known for good sense and fairness.

  4. Jim says

    Politics is about money and deal making. Right now Jan Brewer is getting an earful from the Republican business oligarchs who really rule Arizona: veto this crap bill because we won’t accept boycotts and lost business on account of Tea Bagger loonies. Arizona went through boycotts back in the days when another Republican governor waged a wacky war against Martin Luther King Day. He got impeached and run out of office and Arizona got Martin Luther King Day. Jan Brewer knows who butters her bread. A veto is on the way.

  5. Graphicjack says

    Don’t expect logic from Jan Brewer. I fear the worst. Then again, if she has an ounce of sense, she should fear the repercussions.

  6. john patrick says

    I don’t really care why she vetoes it, just so she vetoes it. If a sense of decency gets her to veto it – great. If economic reality gets her to do it – that is just fine in my book.

  7. Geoff says

    If there’s a veto it will be based solely on bidness. She’s still a stupid, nasty crunt. Always has been – always will be.

  8. pete n sfo says

    I hope she signs it!

    Let the shizstorm begin!!!

    At least it will be over and we’ll never have to do it again, and in the process of defending the indefensible they will end up looking as absolutely f’n ridiculous AS THEY ARE!!! lol

    Here, Jan… Ya wanna borrow my pen? :)

  9. Michael says

    Just remember, Governor Brewer belongs to the LCMS which teaches that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and was created in six 24-hour days.

  10. Lexis says

    She’s not up for re-election in the coming November 2014 election, because of term limits. I’m not sure if that could help, hinder, or not play any role. But does she really want this to hate-bill to be her legacy? As I recall, she already lost 3 out 4 of the provisions in the controversial anti-immigration Arizona law that she signed back in 2010.

  11. woodroad34 says

    She’s the Sarah Palin of the south–trailer trash, amoral and sociopathic. I’ll bet she’ll veto it only because of what’s already been said above. The old boys in power need the money and prestige and are getting tired of their little monkeys not turning out to be as fun as they thought they were.

  12. Paul B. says

    As the owner of a small business myself…would it be lawful to refuse my services to someone who described themselves as “a good christian woman”…informing her that her “christian values” were contrary to my religious convictions? I’ve heard that “good christian woman” thing many times…it always makes me wince.

  13. Paul B. says

    As the owner of a small business myself…would it be lawful to refuse my services to someone who described themselves as “a good christian woman”…informing her that her “christian values” were contrary to my religious convictions? I’ve heard that “good christian woman” thing many times…it always makes me wince.

  14. ny2.0 says

    A part of me is hoping that this vile woman actually signs this, it will start a sh*tstorm of litigation and be a complete embarrassment to the government of Arizona and the stupid people that keep vote for them. Arizona needs to learn a painful lesson for all their stupid laws.

  15. tristram says

    Ignorance, pure and simple. The people in favour of this bill are the kinds of people who still think being gay is a choice. That it’s a lifestyle. That it’s something to be managed or corrected like alcoholism.

    I’d like to be able to refuse people service based on ignorance and stupidity, I’m sick of them ramming THEIR choices and THEIR lifestyle choices down our throats. They’re ruining America and are a threat to my family values.

  16. Bill says

    @Lexis : if she is going to be out of office due to term limits, she may want some other position and to get that, she is going to have to play nice with those at the top of the Republican party. They might be starting to realize that gay bashing is going to cost them more votes than it brings in, and simply told her to find an excuse to squash it.

  17. Owens says

    As many of you pointed out, if she signs this, a sh*tstorm of lawsuits and negative attention to Arizona and Republicans will ensue. We are in the process of electing a new Governor this year, her party will realize this will do more harm than help. She will veto it. But the damage may have already been done.

  18. Chuck Muckle says

    And this “enlightenment” from a man whose boss wanted to enshrine bigotry in the federal constitution?!

  19. Onnyjay says

    Whoa, hoss, since when has anyone attached to the Bush regime had an iota of cred? Campaign manager = an architect of the theft of the 2004 election, one of a multitude of offenses that should have landed the lot of them in Levenworth. Get real already!

  20. jamal49 says

    I was told that even if she vetoes the bill there are enough votes in the AZ legislature to override her veto. Jan Brewer knows this. So, if she vetoes it, she gets a Tea Batty challenge when she is up for reelection. If she doesn’t veto it and signs it into law, she gets national and international condemnation and perhaps the loss of millions of dollars of business and investments in AZ. Poor Jan. This is what happens when you lie down with evangelical dogs. You get up with fundamentalist fleas.

  21. Sandyone says

    She better hurry and veto that bill. The damage has been done and is getting worse every minute. The zealot AZ Catholics who embraced this bill have totally forgotten that they were considered vermin in most of this country just 60 or 70 years ago. They faced intolerable discrimination and now are paying it forward. What a pathetic act.of stupidity

  22. RexT says

    Thanks Matt .. ‘Cuz it seems like easy because of everything going on with the economy there.’ That’s certainly ‘THE REASON’ for a Veto. Idiot.

  23. SenJayBulworth says

    In fairness to Brewer (I can’t believe I said that) she has shown some signs of sanity over the years. She vetoed AZ’s Birther Bill a few years ago, and she went toe-to-toe with her own party over Obamacare, threatening to vetoe every bill they passed unless they expanded Medicaid. She won. (This bill was one of the bills she vetoed).

    On the other hand she signed the immigration “show me your papers boy” bill, despite threats of boycott, but the local politics worked for her there; that was prior to her re-election, wasn’t it?

    I’m not sure, but is she even able to run again? If not the possibilty of a veto is more likely.

  24. Brawny71 says

    Considering that NON-friends of the community McCain, Romney, and Faux News’s Megan “White Santa” Kelly all believe it should be vetoed, it stands to reason JB would find herself even more of a laughingstock if she signs it.