1. MikeBoston says

    I actually feel sorry for this man. The layers of ignorance are so deep that I wouldn’t even try to convince him otherwise. But…

    Did he really say hairdressers? Does he know that a lot of straight people have no interest in sports? Has it occurred to him that gay men and women might not have been drawn to athletic pursuits because it has (and continues to be) a hostile, unwelcoming environment? And that those that did enter the arena knew it was safer to pretend? I know I not adding anything that we all don’t know but I had to vent.

  2. Bill says

    Why don’t we pair him off against Brian Boitano in a figure skating competition, and we won’t judge it on how graceful they look, but simply on whether he can jump as high and go as fast as Brian can for the same amount of time.

  3. Wavin' Dave says

    Wow, an ignorant Irish mumbling bigot. A rare find, indeed. If it’s not too late to apply, the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York needs a cleanup crew for the police horse’s contributions.

  4. JackFknTwist says

    The guy is an ignoramus !
    Which just proves that they are not all in the USA – we’ve got more than our share in ireland.

    What really pi$$e$ me off is his disrespect for the Gaelic players of Hurling , Donal Og Cusack and his brother, two of the hardest, greatest players who have come out in the past year.
    Yeah, Francis, go up to either of those men and call them hairdressers.
    And the show ‘Off the Ball’ on Newstalk is just time filling Talk Radio……
    I won’t be getting excited whatever this piece of fat blathering bovine blubber spouts next.

    I had better not mention again one of my heroes, MARK BINGHAM, gay Rugby player from San Francisco who brought down Flight 93; this oaf/buffoon has probably been too busy trying to find his navel to have ever heard of Mark Bingham.
    Oh yeah, some of us hairdresser gays like rugby, some of us grew up in cities, Limerick, where rugby was a deity.

    No, I don’t feel sorry for him, @ MIKEBOSTON. Too many ignoramuses get away with this kind of “playing to the straight gallery”. We need to kick this attitude in the head.

  5. Bart says

    As a former college athlete and coach…oh, forget it, why respond to such a dismal nitwit. The only person that doesn’t know this guy is a dope is this guy.

    He is why the word assclown was invented.

  6. Nicatinoid says

    Typical heterosexual bigot. Has absolutely no idea about gay oppression, and is vocal about not wanting to know. He stopped watching the olympics bceause human rights issues turned him off. I mean, If you’ve ever sat down with, you know, heterosexual people, and asked them what their interests are, very often they have no interest in any kind of human rights issues. That’s my experience from sitting down with them; I’ve done it on a regular basis.

    He’s happy to broadcast stereotypes against a marginalized group while knowing they are stereotypes during articulation, and happy to say he’s happy about it.

    He puts the cart before the horse: It’s not that many gays aren’t interested in sports, it’s that they become DISinterested in sports because they aren’t welcome; they get shunned and abused. He doesn’t get that, nor does he want to. Prideful ignorance from a heterosexual sports star; how surprising…

    Go get cancer and rot, bigot.

  7. JackFknTwist says

    @ WAVIN’DAVE :

    Take it easy on us dude; we’re not all ugly fat bigots.
    As I said we got our share……but let’s not start counting the score, otherwise we could be here all night with a parade of bigots,Scott Lively et al.

  8. Jaysonn says

    love when the one man says why do they have to say it out loud. Why not keep it hidden. Does he really think if Sam did not tell everyone and he was picked the news would not find out and make a big deal out of it.

  9. Post says

    Good to see Jamie Heaslip (the captain of the Irish national rugby team) retweeting criticisms of Francis’s comments on Twitter.

  10. jed says

    he likes stereotyping? how about we serve him his own dish. he’s irish so he must be an alcoholic with violent tendencies then, huh.

  11. Just_a_guy says

    Roughly 95% of any disinterest in sports I have is because people like Neil Francis make me want to get as far away from them as possible. But me ceding the sporting world as a kid to d-bags like Neil Francis does not mean that it should have happened or that it should happen for the next generation.

    I herby give Neil Francis the finger, sorry. But at least I’m being more direct about it. I’d rather beat him on the playing field, but this will have to do for now.

  12. woodroad34 says

    These people go into battle with a half-loaded gun or a water pistol and expect to win the hearts and minds of their opponents and then they get all mad, or confused, or whatever when their little water pistol doesn’t win the day or their bullets in their half-cocked gun doesn’t earn them victory. The only way this guy is going to appear to be anything other than just plain stupid is to get bigger guns and better ammo–which would then put him on our side, because there just ain’t no better ammo than the truth, which we have in abundance.

  13. Henry Holland says

    I love sports, I have since I was a kid. I’m a huge baseball, football, soccer and ice hockey fan, I go to games when I can and watch stuff all the time on TV. Hell, I’ll watch stuff like cricket or team handball when I get the chance.

    Hairdressing, on the other hand, has never interested me in the slightest.

  14. SportsDude says

    Ah.. Not to stereotype or anything…this is my opinion, so gonna say it, I think Irish Sports commentators are stupid idiots. And they like to hang around other stupid idiots and those idiots aren’t interested in being the least bit human. Ask anyone. That’s just how see it.

  15. says

    Vent away. Of course his diatribe is all a lot of rot to us but you’d prolly be surprised at the number of non-regulars who see our comments and it’s an awakening to them. For the most part the world’s heteronormative matrix has shielded people like Francis from having to deal with things like LGBT rights violations until it affects them directly. We as a community have done a pretty good job of penetrating (no pun intended) that matrix. So when an athlete like Michael Sam knows he is assured of support from his extended family and comes out proudly & publicly the stereotypes they’ve used to excuse their privilege crumble and they’re left floundering.

    One of the most enlightened and vocal groups on all human rights you’ll find anywhere are the LGBT affirming Irish. Search ‘Panti Bliss Irish Times’ and read the comments sections. Kudos to our Irish compatriots.

    NEVER stop mentioning Mark Bingham. He hasn’t gotten anywhere near the full recognition he deserves.

    Here’s a group that would like to talk to you Francis. Ireland’s gay rugby team the Emerald Warriors.

  16. Just_a_guy says

    “Rugby is a homophobic environment,” or “football is a homophobic environment”–when uttered by a bigot translates to:

    “I fully buy into the apartheid system in rugby (or football, or basketball, whatever the sport at issue) that treats gay people as subhuman–therby privileging me (whoever is saying this drivel) simply for being heterosexual.” This phenomena corresponds to the ‘poor white trash’ phenomena of the segregation age. (And also might explain the higher prevelance of unattractive people opposing gay people’s very status as humans??)

    In my experience growing up with teammates who espoused these lines, it was almost always the half-ass mediocre players who said them or said them the loudest and the most often. Granted, it made me want to escape them; their oppression WORKED in the short-term. But we CANNOT let it work in the longterm. It MUST be overcome.

  17. mike128 says

    Does it ever occur to people that gay people generally gravitate toward professions where they might feel more safe? And if those are professions that either deal with women or are more “feminine”, it might be because gay people are avoiding the threats that come with engaging masculine culture (and it’s numerous insecurities)?

    The problem may be less that gays are not interested in being part of than that hyper macho/masculine men have difficulty including homosexuality into their worldview. And we know it and many of us don’t want to deal with the threats, intimidation, marginalization, etc.

  18. Paul R says

    Hmm, the predictable views of someone I’ve never heard of and couldn’t care less about. Hard for me to get too worked up.

  19. Jack M says

    I wonder how he’d respond to the stereotype of athletes being dumb, especially since he falls into that category.

  20. says

    Could the apparent correlation between being a jock and being homophobic have some sort of inevitable cause?

    It seems to me people can easily be athletic without being a jerk, there are a whole lot of athletes that are not jerks. So it seems like athletes can overcome being homophobic bigots if they learn from their better civilized peers.

  21. Dixichuk says

    He’s such a mess, it’s almost quaint.
    “Former” seems to be the common identifier for this mind set.

  22. Brokebackvol says

    Obviously he didn’t REALLY come to SEC country, as Straight AND Gay people are fans of their respective SEC schools, especially during college football season. Yes, many gays are not interested in sports, because straight folks have been so unwelcoming, but many of us DO like sports!