1. JackFknTwist says

    I think it’s great that this kind of fraudulent misrepresentation has been banned in London, at least from public transport.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, give me all that pompous rhetoric about ‘free speech’.
    I just want ‘freedom of movement’ without this deception in my face.

  2. Greg says

    Let’s see whether this organisation understands our issue with this billboard by putting up one of our own:

    “Unhappy in your marriage? You have alternatives: try Gay Love.”

  3. says

    Ah. Again the irony of hate groups revealed.

    The very group that does everything it can to marginalize, dehumanize, and stigmatize LGBT now tells you they can make it all go away.
    If you’ll just stop being gay.

  4. FFS says

    What kind of half-wit looks at the troubles in his life and thinks to himself that it all must be because he’s gay?

    I’ve had a hard life, too. Must be because I’m white. If only there were a conversion clinic for guys like me.

  5. Jon says

    Some people want the option. If they want to try battling against who they are, then let them. I don’t understand why so many are so threatened by this and over-reacting. If they end up not agreeing with ABBA’s philosophy or approach, they’ll leave.

    They’re adults, and they’re Americans. It seems we’re all for the rights of individuals to make up their own minds about things until it comes to something *WE* disagree with. The hypocrisy is absolutely drenching this comment board right now.

  6. Tigernan says

    Jon, if you stupidly want to believe that sexuality can be changed, then go do that. But we do NOT need to let mothers in stupid places do stupid things to their kids because “Derp we’re Americanz derp.”

  7. says

    The hypocrisy is that a religion tells you an intrinsic part of your being is an abomination and that the only way to not feel bad about that is to deny that part of self and live a lie. They criminalize you. They marginalize you in society. And then pretend to offer you a solution to why you’re unhappy.

    They are the source of the problem and are now selling the ‘cure’ which just so happens to be the same thing as the source.

    Commenters here pointing out the obvious facts aren’t the hypocrites.

  8. BlueRingOctopus says

    Poison dressed up as an antidote from the snakes that bit you in the first place.

    Fascinating how this self-loathing gay man separates ‘homosexuality’ from ‘same sex attraction’. I spent a great deal of time trying to convince myself of that in elementary school and the first half of high school. I’m sorry this guy couldn’t make his way out of that, but his participation in the crusade against gays is totally unacceptable.

  9. JJ says

    Couldn’t Grindr put up a billboard in the exact same place with the exact same slogan and make more people happy? 😉

    But seriously, there must be people who would have considered conversion therapy at one time but instead overcame the “unwanted” aspect of their same-sex attractions. I’d like to see a competing campaign of people like that helping others find the same contentment and self-worth. Combat the message that “it’s possible to overcome same-sex attraction” with, “it’s possible to embrace same-sex attraction and feel normal, happy, and good.”

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