1. andrew says

    If NPH were single and I could pass on the Neuro, damn straight, I’d love to have a sleep over with him.

  2. TonyC says

    He is one of the few in show business ( I can think of one other male, Hugh Jackman) just so talented.. NEIL whenever he does anything Sondheim, he’s just brilliant .. I’m thinking about his performance in “Candide” ….and the Tony Awards show has never been this well organized . I used to go to that award show, man it was friggin torture but I do miss when it was done in the real theaters.. That was the fun part of the night.. I shut up now


  3. Rolf says

    If I drank that much liquid just before I went to bed I’d wake up a few times to pee. Someone’s not thinking…..

  4. Randy says

    Well, I imagine the world’s dentists, antacid manufacturers, and diabetic medical companies will be delighted with all this nighttime sugar-drinking.

  5. emjayay says

    NPH is great as usual. What a stupid product. It’s like something from the Onion or SNL.

    All the energy drinks have exactly one actual energy ingredient: caffiene. Like you know, coffee. And sugar and some vitamins or something that don’t do anything in particular. The only over the counter sleep aid is I think some antihistamine like Benedryl. Plus the drinking a lot of liquid before bed thing others cleverly mentioned….

  6. johnny says


    Melatonin is an over-the-counter sleep aid and is extremely effective at regulating sleep cycles for some people. As well, it’s under study for helping reduce prostrate cancer rates in males.

    There are also melatonin/tryptophan/chamomile mixtures available that are quite effective. I have tried all of the above, the latter mixture creates a zombie-inducing state for me and I sleep about 9 hours on just one.

    Except during a full moon when nothing except marijuana works for me. Munchies then bedtime.

  7. Nat says

    NPH do anything to advensere his career, to be in the spotlight, for whatever reason. NPH has become a fame whore. He should rather start spending time with his kids. He is missing being there to see them grow up.