1. walter says

    sorry mom but the animals that drive an eleven year old to attempt to hang himself deserve to be be punished these kids learned that behavior and by not correcting it they will continue to think it is alright.

  2. Carlos says

    When is this going to stop. Like it or not conservative parents, gender roles, albeit slowly, are changing. Kids today have a lot more options. My heart breaks for this young man.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    Turning the other cheek does NOT solve the problem. By refusing to ‘go after’ the bullies you are, in effect, condoning their conduct and that means even more children will suffer at the hands of bullies. Why is it people don’t understand that? What they did to your child was no different than taking a baseball bat and beating him repeatedly with it until he could no longer stand the pain. And for some asinine reason you think “that’s ok…” I’m perplexed by it all.

  4. will says

    I wonder if we are creating an atmosphere when we commiserate with the bullied teen’s suicide (and the attendant publicity) — of unwittingly encouraging suicide?

    When I was eight, I was bullied for watching Wonder Woman and behaving like her, too. (I knew how to use my bulletproof bracelets.) But I would never have dreamed of attempting suicide at this teasing. I’m just wondering if our crusade is creating a market for imitation suicides.

  5. Ted says

    I was just talking to my daughter this morning about MLP and she loves that I am a brony. I don’t believe in God but will pray for this family. And, I agree the bullies need to be punished. Tough action needed.

  6. Sam says

    And here we go again – another story in which the identity of the bullies is concealed. The report is that this kid was “being repeatedly bullied and harassed.”

    No, the kid was not “being bullied” as if it were some sort of state of nature or as if it were some sort of natural phenomenon like heat or cold. Some actual person or persons with names bullied him. Yet in this case, as in the Asher Brown case as in the Billy Lucas case as in several dozen others, not one perpetrator is identified. Shame on the media for colluding in this coverup.

    And yes, I will say shame on the friends and families of all these kids for not posting for the whole world who did this and what they did. That mother needs to go after those thugs regardless of what her 11 y.o would have wanted. She’s the adult.

  7. bandanajack says

    if he complained of harassment frequently, why was he subjected to that harassment over the long haul. did she ever complain, if so was it ignored, if not, what the hell was wrong with her parental instincts. parents, take you kids out of toxic schools, unless you want to find what she found.

  8. ratbastard says

    11 and middle school is a harsh age and place. From my memory middle school kids were bigger aholes and bullies than HS.

    Very very sad as the story is told. Is this the only thing he was bothered about? Didn’t family and friends. realize how upset and suicidal he was? I was picked on because I stuttered and hated speaking publicly. But I could never imagine killing myself. Very troubled boy,bless his soul. Pray he doesn’t end up in a vegitative state.

  9. Sam says

    Will, while copycat suicides are a risk, you can’t downplay the problem in order to avoid inspiring copycats. It just isn’t an option.

    However we can and should avoid certain kinds of public reactions, certain approaches to the story in various media, which are more likely to spur copycatting.

  10. Perr says

    Tragic. I hope his brain heals completely, and it doesn’t take too long. This instance like so many others shames all those who oppress gays.

    @ WILL “I’m just wondering if our crusade is creating a market for imitation suicides.” OUR CRUSADE?! Seriously?! It’s OUR crusade and not THEIR anti-gay homophobic crusade?! And it’s somehow OUR FAULT too?! I guess according to you when we defend ourselves, stand up for each other, and strive for equality, we’re REALLY just “creating a market” for gays to try to kill themselves. It has nothing to do with those people doing the oppressing, shaming, humiliating, harassing, intimidating, threatening, beating, lording etc?

  11. Richard Harney says

    I’m a brony and being in the brony community which is full of both guys and girls, I would say the majority of the fandom is straight. I’m also a furry and while furries are still a majority as straight, a huge percentage are gay/bi and only a very tiny percentage of furries are against gay rights. Even those furries are not outspoken and don’t talk much about it, but the ones that do are ALL in the Christian furry groups.

  12. luke says

    the reboot of MLP gained a lot of popularity from people in general for providing a compelling show to watch, the number of adults that watch the show is a lot. i believe around the time it came out a new transformers series came out too which was somewhat panned.

  13. anon says

    The show is definitely an acquired taste but it’s hardly emasculating. A more crossover type show would be like the Smurfs, I guess. You’re not going to get bullying prosecutions because the law regarding harassment is quite clear and segregates harassment from assault. Harassment involves an involuntary power dynamic imposed from the outside, most likely in a work or school environment. Assault involves harm. While there have been convictions regarding bullying, they’ve all been overturned on appeal because you just can merge assault and harassment together under the law.

  14. Hue-Man says

    Unless he has a serious boyfriend, there is no way to know whether he is gay, straight, bi, or other. He’s at the age of discovering who he is and his place in his community. The only thing I know is that he is a fan of a TV show – nowhere is this a reason to be bullied into attempting suicide.

    Schools like to pull the copy-cat card so refuse to discuss student suicides. This is so wrong-headed; talk to the students, tell them what resources are available (Trevor Project, StopBullyingCanada), encourage dialogue. Tell parents to pay extra attention.

  15. andrew says

    The post says that Michael Morones was “repeatedly bullied and harassed”, where did it take place? Did no adults witness the bullying and harassment?

  16. Dback says

    IF I can find a poster of MLP, I’m mailing it to him care of the hospital to put up in his room. By God, this kid is not going to have suffered in vain.

  17. Paul R says

    They’re likely not naming the bullies because in most places it’s illegal to name names when the perpetrators of violence are under 16, and usually 18.

    And yes, in rural NC you can be quite certain that most adults were all too happy to look the other way if they saw a child being bullied. By middle school I’d learned that the only way to respond to violence was with violence. It made me hate everyone and everything. I hope that this boy emerges better.

  18. skeeze says

    This kid was probably dealing with bullying for identifying as a “brony,” not because of any perceived gayness. Like it or not there are some pretty disgusting people out there that identify as bronies and sexualize the hell out of that show. Bronies need to clean up their fandom we are now seeing the effects of it.

  19. Sam says

    Paul R. – Wrong. It is not illegal for newspapers, media and private citizens to name juvenile perpetrators. No law does or can prohibit that.

    You are confusing what the press and private individuals may report with what the court system makes public. Proceedings in juvenile court can be off-limits to the public and/or information disclosed in those proceedings can be restricted. But the restrictions apply to the court staff, the attorneys, and witnesses. There is not one thing preventing the family of this kid from telling a reporter who the perps are and the reporter publishing those names. Just as there was and is nothing stopping the friends and family of Asher Brown or Billy Lucas from letting the world know who it was that bullied those kids to suicide.

  20. Lucas H says

    That breaks my heart :( I have a little nephew who likes to watch and play My Little Pony. One day we were on vacation together and I saw him playing a My Little Pony game on his tablet, and he asked me not to tell anyone about it. I told that of course I wouldn’t tell if he didn’t want, but that I think My Little Pony is awesome! And asked him to show me how to play. I think all of my nephews are the bomb-est kids ever to be born, and I hope the youngest one never has to feel the shame the boy in this story did.