1. jtramon says

    I don’t think there’s anything anyone could add to this, that would make it better than how Rory put it.

    This was just amazing.

  2. bandanajack says

    THAT, was an amazing piece of oratory, worthy of a kennedy or a king, and done without a teleprompter and in full drag.

    he left me wanting to storm the ramparts, i just don’t know whose.

  3. excy says

    Bravo Panti Bliss. Homophobia is everywhere and oftentimes we are our own worst enemy. I will remember this next time I “check myself”.

  4. bandanajack says

    sorry for the duplicate post, the site is apparently rejecting my full post. i will try to break it up into parts, but the important part is the address for comments above

  5. David says

    Little Kiwi, I’ve heard you say this “more man than you’ll ever be” line before. What standard are you using to determine what a man is?

  6. JackFknTwist says

    Those cases, defamation cases brought by right wing iona Institute Catholics, Miss panti refers to should not have been settled.

    The Television company, RTE, bailed; no balls.
    I agree with Miss Panti, there is homophobia and it is being perpetrated by Catholic apologists in Ireland.

    On that speech, it was as wonderful as when WB Yeats stood in that same spot in the Abbey theatre and denounced the ignorant audience for their Catholic reaction to J.M. Synge’s play, “The Playboy of the Western World”

    We have a war against the Iona Catholic Propaganda Institute on our hands……it is trying to stifle any debate on the upcoming referendum on same sex marriage.

    We need a voice to denounce the homophobes, the Catholic $h1t$ too afraid of eternal damnation to risk an original thought.
    Destruction to the Iona Institute.

  7. Rrhain says

    @DAVID, I can’t speak for Little Kiwi, but my understanding of “more of a man than you’ll ever be” is in reference to the ability to be an adult, recognize that other people are not you, are not reflections of you, hold no responsibility toward you and your opinion of yourself, and thus you don’t invest yourself emotionally in all of that.

    People who complain about “masculinity” tend to be incapable of understanding what it is, can only see the surface features, and don’t understand that it has to do with being comfortable with yourself, however it manifests. “Being a man” isn’t about what you’re wearing. It’s about being secure in yourself.

    And any man who cannot handle a man in a dress is no man.

  8. Carlos says

    Does anyone have a transcript of Panti’ words? I’d like to translate them to Brazilian Portuguese and add them to the link I just posted in FB. Tks

  9. WeHo says

    To his credit, he was able to speak at length without the aid of a teleprompter. (Can’t say that for President Obama.)

    For clarification: Do we celebrate all cross-dressers or just gay ones?

  10. JackFknTwist says

    What is so incredibly nauseating is that two or three of the people who sued for ‘defamation’ are working journalists !

    Imaging a journalist who parades his right to free speech suing someone else for his exercise of that very right.
    Hypocrites anyone ?

  11. David says

    RRhain – I didn’t post that “I have difficulty” comment above. Someone is posting under my name. Probably Little Kiwi.

    That having been said, I actually do have difficulty understanding your argument. Being an adult, recognizing that other people aren’t you, being comfortable with yourself, etc. Those are all positive traits.
    But, unless you think that women are inherently childish and insecure, all of your descriptions could apply to a woman as much as a man.

    So if Kiwi meant to say that Rory O’Neill is “more adult than you’ll ever be” it could make sense. But his claim that this person is more of a man makes no sense, because neither he nor you have set forth a standard, applicable solely to men, by which anyone could judge.

  12. john says

    Weho> “For clarification: Do we celebrate all cross-dressers or just gay ones?”

    Just the gay ones. And the articulate ones. That’s it.

  13. Coumarin says

    Panti’s words resonated with me so much! There wasn’t a single point that I couldn’t relate to in some way. I didn’t have a full cry, but I did well-up a few times.

    I hate myself for checking myself sometimes too, and I hate myself for having had that ‘cringe’ moment with a flambuoyant friend in public; and I especially hate those did that to me.

    Thank you especially Panti, for elevating my consciousness to reclaim the word “homophob*”. I didn’t even realize that for years now I had abandoned the word for “anti-gay” instead because of ‘being lectured to by heterosexuals about what homophobia is and who is allowed to identify it’. Only that story repeated itself when seeing those same homophobes try to deny “anti-gay” in the same fashion!

    Well no more. I will no longer be told by heterosexuals what “homophobia” or “anti-gay” is and what I am allowed to feel oppressed by. Thank you for that Panti, you put some fire back in my belly.

  14. Cathy Tenzo says

    Thank you for your comments. I am a lesbian living in the United States, but I identify with what you say. These things happen many times each week–every time you hear the word “normal” as opposed to the word gay, every time someone thinks your equal rights are “special” rights, every time someone comes to your bars to look at the zoo animals, etc. etc. Well done!