Pat Robertson: Impeach Eric Holder for ‘Elevating’ Sodomy Above Religious Freedom – VIDEO

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In response to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s declaration that state attorney generals are not obligated to defend state laws banning same-sex marriage, televangelist Pat Robertson called for Holder's impeachment and resignation.

Said Robertson:

“What we’re seeing now more and more is the rights of homosexuals, the practice of homosexuality, sodomy, consensual sodomy, is being raised and elevated above the rights of religious believers and that is terrible,”

Right Wing Watch reports that Robertson also defended state bans on same-sex marriage, saying the issue "has nothing to do with limiting homosexuals, it has to do with giving religious people the right to practice their religious freedom freely."


A similar "gay discrimination isn't discrimination" argument has been the go-to talking point among right-wingers in Arizona and Kansas in regards to legislation that would allow religious-based discrimination against gays. Supporters say these bills are simply meant to protect religious liberties and even help protect the rights of LGBT citizens.