1. mymy says

    I love it when Jimmy’s lip sync with the guests. My fave is with JGL and Steve Merchant. Lots of talent here.

  2. Critifur says

    I love it! Paul did a great job. Oh, to act foolish for a living, how awesome is that! Fantastic song selections. However, that suit is not doing Paul any favours. It makes him look short and stubby.

  3. tristram says

    It’s amazing how many celebs watch RuPaul’s drag race. You see the catch phrases and attitudes disseminating throughout popular culture.

  4. tristram says

    PS: This is why Paul Rudd has a long and award-winning film career and Jimmy Fallon has a late night talkshow. No T, no shade.

  5. JoeR says

    In her New York Times interview over the weekend RuPaul mentioned that she’s never been invited to guest on Letterman or Tonight Show. Kinda sucks that Fallon took her “Lip Synch for your Life” gig and still didn’t ask her on, isn’t it?

  6. CMLion says

    I love me some Paul Rudd. He is willing to go all out when making a fool of himself. No embarrassment, no shame, just all out fun.

  7. says

    Love me some Fallon but I love Paul Rudd to absolute bits. Such a cute face, sexy body, funny as hell, and charming to a fault. His willingness to be a total goof ball completes the package. (Now if only he was gay!)

  8. John says

    Is that “The Tonight Show” or “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” or looks more like “Jimmy Fallon 24/7

  9. Excuse Me! says

    I would have loved it if PR was gay. Seeing his openness and willingness to take risks he would have, hopefully, furthered our cause politically. On a slightly different vein, I notice, in comments elsewhere, the prevalent persuasion among some gays on speculating about the sexuality of many of the “good looking” male stars. As a matter of fact, it goes to the point where they even begin claiming that these male stars are indeed gay without any real proof, mind you, other than what they heard through some convoluted grape vine. In which case, I have to ask, “What if they were”? It still would not change the astronomical odds for 99% of us to ever have an “encounter” with any of them. It’s like these gays are on a similar witch hunt like the bigots! The other ironic part is that these same people get quite mean spirited (because they are bitter?) and use the terms “gay”, “queer”, “queen” and all those other “descriptive words” as vicious, demeaning and derogatory slurs the same way as many straights use it against us! What I would like to ask these himbettes, if they had the intelligence to understand the question, is why should anyone have to defend their sexuality, gay or otherwise? Isn’t that what we are struggling to attain–not to be judged by our sexuality but by our abilities and for the person that we are? While sexuality IS a part of who we are, surely we are more than just that! Besides, what if the person, whom they forcefully claim is gay, is actually not? In that case, think what we are putting him through with his family, his children and his peers when he has to defend/explain himself. I can also, easily imagine, like so many of us, the stares, the whispers and the disconcerting laughter and giggles, which is probably more so for them because they are public figures and everyone wants to take a shot at taking them down a bit. Let’s face it, we are far from a “live and let live” society and even the mention of “might be gay” stirs up bullying attitude, in it’s various forms, among many in public, the work place and, heck, for some, even at home!