Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) Accepts Offer of GQ Makeover After Wearing Purple Polo with Clip-On Bow Tie


Yesterday, Chris Armstrong tweeted this screencap of Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO), writing: “Bow ties with polo shirts on the House floor. God help us.”

Dennis Tang at GQ’s column ‘The GQ Eye’ seized on the post:

“Worst ever? Yeah, right, how bad could it possiblyyyyyeeesh, okay, yeah, now that I look at it. Definitely. Is that a purple golf polo? With a bow tie? Is that a clip-on?…Wow, a Democrat? Thanks, Obama. But anyway, Jared. It’s fine. We can help. You should let us help you. Because seriously, forget immigration reform. Keep this up, and I’m going Ted Cruz 2016, straight up.”

And Polis took him up on the offer, tweeting:

“Thank you @GQMagazine @GQFashion for the offer to help… I accept and am looking forward to the consultation!!”

(via politico)


  1. BobN says

    I assume he went into the office that day not expecting to have to speak on the floor of the House. Grabbed a tie to meet the “decorum” expectation. Scared the horses, well, any who were watching C-Span…

  2. crispy says

    I actually like bow ties… hopefully GQ will show him how to match and wear one correctly.

    I don’t even know how you’d go about putting one on a Polo! Seems like they’d be too flimsy to hold it up.

  3. Quicksilver says

    @SAM Read again. I said “adorkable” – like when some nerds make a cute attempt at fashion. Plus GQ would be all over Kanye West or whoever with Style of the Year awards if they wore that same look. GQ hasn’t been relevant in 20 years.

  4. Gregory In Seattle says

    I feel like I’m in some twisted, Evil Alternate Universe version of Queer Eye.

    I think BobN has the right of it. House rules state that male members must be “properly” dressed any time they are in the chamber; that means tie and jacket. His would not be the first time that a member was forced to make some sartorial compromises to comply with the rules.

  5. woody says

    when i worked at dnr and women’s wear daily, there were always designers dressing their models in off-beat, seemingly incongruous looks like polis’. if a designer had put this look on some pretty boy actor, the critics wouldn’t be saying anything.

  6. Acronym Jim says

    Well, to be fair, Colorado DID just legalize recreational use of pot. Maybe it just seemed like the cool choice at the time Polis was packing for his trip.

  7. mike/ says

    maybe he saw Glee last night where Blaine wore a bow tie with a polo & that’s where he got the idea? except with Blaine all you could look at was how snug the polo fit. no one probably saw the bow time…

  8. Just_a_guy says

    Jared is a good dude, a handsome fellow, distinguished and charming, and also of a certain age. He’s no twink, and should not be ask to dress like one.

    I’m no sartorial expert, but I’d tell Jared to just keep an extra full suit in a convenient spot nearish to the capital for him to slip on when he has to make an appearance. I don’t see why he shouldn’t otherwise get to wear polos as he wishes to stay comfortable. That said, maybe GQ will have some suggestions for crossover wear?? GQ is ok, and as adorkable as Jared is, he can use their help here.

    I don’t mind the possibility that a stylish straight guy or two might be on the team advising Jared on his looks. Queer Eye was too much pure stereotype for me. By contrast, I admire Jared’s more visionary make-it-happen real-life approach to life.

  9. says

    I can’t stand GQ magazine. As someone noted above, they put every model in a suit several sizes too small and call it “fashion”. Plus they fawn over clothes that look like they came of the rack from any store, as long as it has a designer label and costs over $500. I’d say the worse part is that the magazine now suffers from “Vogue-itis”, and is now 50% comprised of advertisements.

  10. Jerry says

    Andy, just curious:

    Why do a double-up on a quote from Twitter? You basically quoted the entire tweet, and then posted the same thing in a blockquote tag. Kind of overkill. You can put “tweeted:” and then put the tweet in the blockquote.

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