Sao Paulo Skateboard Gang Arrested for Murder of Gay Teen


Police in Sao Paulo, Brazil have arrested a 'gang of skateboarders' who they believe have been involved in a series of attacks and robberies on gay men, International Business Times reports:

The six suspects, aged between 16 and 23, confessed to killing 18-year-old Bruno Borges de Oliveira above), police said.

De Oliveira died of injuries suffered during a brutal early-morning mugging in central Sao Paulo. He was stripped of his shoes, mobile phone, and public transport ticket before being punched, kicked and repeatedly hit on the head with a skateboard. He was on his way home after a night out in the famous LGBT Frei Caneca Street. Friends fled the assault and alerted police.

"When we came back he was already dead," one friend, who has not been named, told G1 Globo website.

In mid-January we reported on a similar incident in which a 17-year-boy was found dead and brutally beaten after leaving a gay club.

IB Times adds:

Police said that the gang had previously targeted homosexuals. The skateboarders allegedly carried out a series of dawn raids against people leaving gay nightclubs in recent weeks.

"They chose their victims for being gay," police spokesman Ruy Ferraz Fontes told Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper. "They stole the victim's belongings as part of a ritual of humiliation."

On the same night that De Oliveira was killed, at least another three people were mugged by the gang, police said.


  1. Syrax says

    Please don’t give the World Cup and Rio 2016 your money. As a Brazilian it pains me to say but I’d rather see my country become an international joke, only then real change will come. This has to stop.

  2. andrew says

    “Friends fled the assault” Hopefully most of us have better “friends” than that. When your friend is being assaulted, you flee. Sounds like the definition of cowardice to me.

  3. SpaceCadet says

    It’s so easy to judge others from behind your computer screen in the safety and comfort of your home until you are in that situation. There was a gang of 6 attackers. We don’t know how many people were in this group of friends that was attacked and they could have turned and ran for dear life. Maybe they were all fleeing and got separated. It’s possible they all could have died should they have remained. While I would have stayed behind to protect a close friend or loved one, that’s still 6 thugs against 2 and things probably wouldn’t end so well for me. So don’t judge when you don’t have all of the facts. The victim’s friends at least alerted the police and then came back.

  4. ToThePoint says

    The penalty should be an eye-for-an-eye. Beat their a**es with a skateboard until they are dead. Only way to curb this crap is to beat them to death. F*ck what is said about criminals rights. They forfeited their rights when they committed this heinous act!

  5. Bill says

    @tothepoint :

    How about showing up at their trial with tee shirts with the caption “Quod Pontius Pilatus agat” (What would Pontius Pilate do)

    Maybe too subtle but the Romans had more effective ways of making people behave than beating them with skateboards. Hey, it is over the top, but nobody understands Latin these days, so nobody would be offended.

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