1. Mike Ryan says

    Andy’s right, Boitano and his bad rug are wrong. Your neighbor is beating up, maiming, harassing, bullying, and even killing his gay children but you’re invited to his backyard BBQ. Do you go? Andy: No and you make it clear why you won’t go. Boitano: Yes, because how can you pass up those delicious baby back ribs? And besides, you’re gay and that should tell the basta*d that its okay to be gay.

    Hogwash. We should have boycotted and sent no one to Sochi. BTW, I understand from news media reports that we lost our speed skating titles because the racing suits provided failed them. WTF?

  2. Paul R says

    I hate when people on this site say, Oh who cares what Dan Savage/Andrew Sullivan/Quentin Crisp (or whoever) say, they don’t represent me or the gay community.

    Yet I can just as readily say that Cohen and Boitano REALLY don’t represent me in any way at all. Did Meet the Press did throw out a bunch of “you’ll be on TV!” gay confetti and see who snapped it up in time for the broadcast?

  3. Nick says

    Mr. Boitano’s faith in the IOC doing the right thing when it comes to honoring and respecting the dignity and rights of all people shows a naivete that is shocking. It is all about the money…. always has been and always will be.
    The IOC will never do the right thing if it conflicts with the ability to make money.
    It is a corrupt organization.

  4. jamal49 says

    There are three corrupt sports organizations in this world: FIFA, the NCAA and the IOC. It’s a toss-up as to which is more corrupt but I’d place my money on the IOC.

  5. Geoff says

    The IOC is 50-100 years behind the times…and greedy/evil. Boitano’s in it solely for the money. I have pure contempt for him.

  6. Critifur says

    The IOC? We cannot even get our own USFSA to be respectful of gays in the sport. I smell self-hating closeted conservatives.SMH I have no faith in the IOC.

  7. Fox says

    @Paul R. – I’m guessing Cohen was asked to do this interview, because his talk show on Bravo and “Meet the Press” on NBC are both owned and produced by NBC Universal.

  8. woodroad34 says

    I’m sorry, but the IOC is a congolomeration of business men and a cartel in it’s own right. They’re all about “show me the money!” As has been noted by all their speeches and comments, they really don’t care about people, they care about their brand and how to capitalize on it. They’re no longer prestigious, they are disgusting and Boitano is(as someone noted above)not really of Olympic stature–but a coward. He had a talent, but he doesn’t have integrity.

  9. Buckie says

    Boitano and the rest of you here don’t GET it.

    The IOC is doing the whole world a favor by having the Olympics in these places, it makes public what’s going on in those places like nothing else can.

    I have more respect for Boitano than most of you here. He’s actually DOING something. The rest of you with your stupid opinions and criticisms, you don’t ever do a thing that makes any difference at all. You sit on your fat butts and criticize. It’s all you do. You leave the work to someone else. Always.

  10. anon says

    The IOC loves going to corrupt backwards countries to host the Olympics. I don’t see them having any incentive to change.

  11. andrew says

    Well said Andy Cohen and Brian Boitano. In that one TV interview they have done more to advance the cause of LGBT equality than the constantly negative people like MIKE RYAN, ANON and ANKERICH will do in their entire lives. People with a negative and or hateful mind set just can’t deal with positive people. Negativity is the very air they breathe. It is interest that these three ranters also posted that Billie Jean King just used her mother’s declining health as an excuse for not attending the Opening Ceremonies. None of the three has had the decency to sincerely apologize to BJK, a gay national treasure.

  12. emjayay says

    Everyone knew Brian Boitano was gay even Obama in choosing him to represent the US. He came out officially finally because of that. So he’s a guy very into appearances, although that hairpiece isn’t quite working Brian. He has a rosy view of the corporatist IOC and the Olympics. OK, that’s who he is. Andy Cohen did fine.

    Maybe some people saw this who were influenced a bit in their acceptance of gay people. So, OK.

  13. FAEN says

    @other FAEN-but he IS a coward. He hid in the closet when coming out could have made a difference. He stayed silent while his brother Mark Boitano(R) from NM voted against marriage equality. I wouldn’t call that role model behavior would you? No, just cowardice.