1. Gigi says

    If all the gay rappers had the balls to come out. Frank’s living his truth. The rest of ’em can go to hell. [Ya, ya. I know that hell doesn’t exist. It’s a figure of speech.]

  2. CC says

    He’s speaking truth! Beyonce needs to tell Joe Camel (her husband) & Con-Ye West to quit acting and collaborate with him. Especially since they both have made pro-gay statements in the past, unless hypocrisy is alive & well in their mouths….

  3. will says

    I see rappers are still free & easy with the N word. I thought it was uncool to say n-ggahs. Didn’t the NAACP give out a memo? Somehow I don’t think sensitivity training is going to make much of a dent in those sentence constructions.

  4. enchantra says

    Why would gay people want to be associated with rap or rappers? The first rap song I heard was in 1979. The first time I saw some dumb asz with his pants sagging it was probably the grandfather of some of today’s teens. In other words” It’s f’ing old and dated.

  5. Randy says

    “If all the gay rappers had the balls to come out.”

    Many do, before they are successful, and doors are shut to them. It’s the ones who have ridden the closet to success who need to come out.

  6. johnosahon says

    Its funny he used JayZ and Kanye West, the ONLY two rappers I know who work with Frank Ocean after he came out, Frank was in JayZ’s last album which came out ending of 2013 in a song called Oceans, so he needs to check his facts.

  7. Fantasema Felena says

    Jay Z and Kanye West are not very gay-friendly, and neither are many of the “divas” that gay men have worshipped over the years.

    In particular, “divas” like Madonna, Lady Gaga and Britney have been counter-productive to the cause of gay and bisexual men in the music industry. They’ve lulled us into a false sense of progress.

    These women’s images have been based on lesbian stunts designed to feed into the sense of self-entitlement of straight guys. It’s not a GLBT-friendly lesbianism.

    T-Pain is correct to point to the homophobia of music in America and other countries. Here’s a jaw-dropping fact : not one of the performers in the Itunes Top 100 singles or albums chart is an openly gay or bisexual male. Think about it – not one. This is scorched-earth anti-gay stuff we’re seeing on Itunes.

  8. Fantasema Felena says

    A gay blogger made the point recently that the hostility shown towards male homosexuals in the music industry is partly the result of the pornification of pop music. With the rise of male rappers who sing about “hos” and female singers who take their clothes off and sing about kissing girls (I hear you, Katy Perry), the music industry has adopted the characteristics of porn.

    It’s a valid point when you think about the nature of porn. Most porn allows male-female and female-female but not male-male. It is mostly hostile towards male-male in mixed-gender environments. Therefore, what you have in music is the model favored by straight guys and the women who feed into their sense of entitlement.

    Maybe our greatest failure as gay men was to not see this coming. We’re such porn addicts that we’ve turned a blind eye to the porny (and male-homophobic) double standard that has now infiltrated the mainstream. How much longer are we going to stay silent?

  9. Just Sayin' says

    Rappers should take a page from Blondie’s “Rapture”…

    The N-word is just childish and when I hear anyone using it the only thing I’m grateful for is it serves as an indicator that it’s not someone I feel any need to interact with or respect.

  10. Mike Ryan says

    The best thing we can all do is refuse to buy any Rap that doesn’t come from a gay Rapper. Money is their life blood. Take that away from the homophobic rappers and Frank Ocean will become their best friend.

  11. John says

    Hyper masculine, aggressive, hate filled rap music, devoid of musical value and artistic beauty, has never seemed an environment welcoming of queer people. Blacks, who dominate rap, are on the whole very highly homophobic compared to other groups, rivaled only by Russians and Muslims.It is a culture dominated by very conservative Christian churches as a whole.

  12. AJ says

    He might have a point about Kanye, but Jay-Z wrote a letter supporting Frank after he came out in addition to having Frank featured on a song on his album that came out last summer. Beyonce also expressed her support for Frank when he came out, and she also had Frank featured on her album that came out in December.

    I’m not saying Jay-Z hasn’t said homophobic stuff in the past, but it’s incorrect to say that Jay stopped working with Frank because he came out as bi.

  13. says

    I love when white people complain about black people using the n word. You just salty you can’t use it anymore cuz then you seen(rightfully) as a racist. It’s a word only we can reclaim so stay pressed.

  14. says

    Also I love how you are all hating on rap music and black rappers specifically but your saltine asses love some Macklemore and his horribly written song where he essentially starts it with a “no homo”. Face it if white people were more dominant in urban music you’d find nothing wrong with it.

  15. Icebloo says

    Kanye and Jay-Z are both such fakes. Both of them publicly SAY they support gay people but behind the scenes they are the opposite. Interestingly Jay-Z did not speak out in support of gay people until Obama the black President spoke out for us AND after Frank Ocean the black rapper came out. Would Jay-Z have spoken out if it was a white President ? He certainly did not voice support for the numerous white entertainers who were already out before Frank Ocean.

    Don’t get me started on the queen of lip syncing talentless Beyonce. She has made her millions mainly from gay male teenagers yet she has NOT ONCE spoken out to support gay people and has NOT ONCE done anything to help gay people. She is AWFUL. She is one of the least talented and most self absorbed airheads on the planet.


    Well obviously ICEBLOO blacks will never satisfy you. Take your salty Azz somewhere and have several seats. And Derrick you are spot on. There was a time on Towleroad when Andy post about black people making homophobic statement these queens would yell N*gger all day and all night.

  17. Cloy says


    (Raises Hand)

    His verbal skills make my eyes and head spin, but that’s because hip-hop rarely entices its producers and listeners to become better educated in standard academic skills. Motown stars never sounded like this, what happened?

  18. enchantra says

    Face it if white people were more dominant in urban music you’d find nothing wrong with it.


    You honestly think that we would find nothing wrong with white people talking and acting like black people and emulating ghetto-prison fashion? Dream on , boy.

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “You honestly think that we would find nothing wrong with white people talking and acting like black people and emulating ghetto-prison fashion?”

    Who do you think are the main purchasers of Rap music? And who purchased “Gansta’ Rap” in the 90’s making it the most profitable (unfortunately)? White kids from the suburbs, that’s who. Big money from surburban kids.

    @ “…think that we would find…”

    And who the hell is “we”? You’ve told us that you’re 55 years old. I’m not sure that young White folks consider your old azz part of THEIR “we”, Rick, David Hearne, Hagatha, Asom, Litper, Enchantra, and now, Fantasema. Well, I guess maybe you are a “we” –like the demons in the Bible, “we are legion”.

  20. jamal49 says

    “We’re such porn addicts….”

    Fantasema, honey, speak for yourself. WE haven’t watched porn in years and were never addicted to it in the first place. Your analysis has a very slight validity but it sinks beneath the weight of your trivial generalizations.

  21. mvb1 says

    Umm…he was on both Jay Z’s and Beyonce’s albums (MCHG/Beyonce). They are the cream of the crop. The rest of these no names can continue to be ignorant while Frank writes epic lyrics and collects checks.

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