1. Lymis says

    If nothing else I applaud the reclaiming of the word “moral.”

    There is nothing immoral about either same-sex relationships nor responsible procreation. And certainly nothing immoral about allowing adults to make those decisions free from legislative interference. Good for them.

  2. says

    Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the NC Values Coalition, said in a news release. “It is spearheaded by groups that support abortion and homosexual marriage.”

    Spin away, Ms Fitzgerald.

    Fact is that 100,000 people braved the cold and took to the streets to participate in a rally for the oppressed. ALL oppressed. The unemployed, the underpaid, the marginalized, the victims of Republican/TeaParty obstructionist policies.

    They want a strong united NATION. Not a divided oligarchy of individual states where the privileged run roughshod over everyone else.

    Notice the spread in demographics. Every race, every age. Notice how many young were there. Millennials easily see through the repeated lies & rhetoric of the past decades.

  3. Brian says

    This made NO sense. There were sermons by clearly a very religious person during the whole thing about being saved by the lord and you have LGBT holding rainbow flags? Do they realize a lot of folks in that same crowd voted against marriage equality in NC and that there are many anti gay democrats (and something tells me many were in that crowd). I’m just sayin now. I am VERY happy those LGBT who did attend went with their rainbow flags and represented the community but were the event members and organizers actually for us too?

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