Russian Tradition Wears the Rainbow with Gay Pride Nesting Dolls

Pride matryoshka dolls

Toronto artist Brahm Finkelstein wanted to find a way to bring awareness to the LGBT human rights abuses that are going on in Russia. Then, he came up with a subversive idea for perhaps the perfect representation of gay pride and Russia: he teamed up with Italian artist Danilo Santino and crafted Pride Dolls.

The Pride Dolls are iconic Russian matryoshka dolls, or "nesting dolls", done up in each of the six colors of the Pride flag and six different portraits of gay and lesbian characters, with the drag queen as the largest, swathed in the entire rainbow. Naturally.

Finkelstein hopes that his dolls will raise awareness and predicts that he'll have a second line soon. The proceeds from the dolls will go to the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association (GLISA), the creator of the OutGames.


  1. Deertick From Philly says

    I love what the Pride flag symbolizes, but….I really do not care for those colors.

    Always reminds me of regurgitated popsicles at a San Francisco street fair.

  2. Graphicjack says

    Ankerich… Open your eyes, dude… The green one’s a black guy. Cute idea overall, but instead, they should have made then known Russian GLBT people, rather than modern US celebrities.

  3. JoelD says

    It is a Russian style these days to make Matrioski with faces of politicians…the result would be anit-gay politicians lampooned by rainbow coloured matrioshki. Sadly, this one plays to the wrong audience and to a Russian, confirms that gays = drag, not something to garner support among those who suffer under an ignorant and oppressive socio-cultural climate, foster by the ROC and politicians.

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