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Transgender Student From Charlotte, NC Nominated For Homecoming King


Blake Brockington, a 17-year-old transgender student at Charlotte, North Carolina's East Mecklenburg High School has been nominated for homecoming king. Brockington, who had a difficult childhood and coming out experience, hopes to win in order to set an example for other transgender youth. His nomination comes after a tumultuous fall in which Cassidy Campbell won homecoming queen at her California school (only to find herself intensely bullied) and Casey Karon was denied the option at his Pennsylvania school.

Be that as it may, Brockington has a chance to make a huge difference in the lives of others.

QNotes reports:

“I honestly feel like this is something I have to do,” says Brockington, noting few other transgender male students have had the opportunity...

Brockington says winning will mean the most for several younger transgender students he mentors, including a nine-year-old boy.

“He really looks up to me. That’s my heart,” Brockington says of his mentee. “He has support now and he will be able to avoid just about everything I’m going through and I don’t want him to ever have to be scared. I feel like if I do this, that’s one red flag for everybody to say, ‘Nobody should be scared to be themselves and everybody should have an equal opportunity to have an enjoyable high school experience.’”

Brockington faced a great deal of difficulty when he came out as transgender during his sophomore year at East Mecklenburg. His step-mother supported him, while his dad did not, and various peers, teachers, and guidance counselors were none-too-helpful either. After having good experiences coming out to several friends and attending a local Queer Youth Prom at the Time Out Youth Center, though, Brockington gained confidence.

“After that, I was like, ‘I don’t have to do this anymore — I don’t have to hide anymore or not be myself,’” he says. “I came to school my junior year and said, ‘Hey, I’m Blake.’”

He now lives in foster care, a more supportive environment, and will head off to the University of North Carolina-Charlotte to study math, music, and education in the fall. And though his positive intentions are reason enough to encourage Brockington's homecoming win, the crown will eventually go to the student who raises the most money for Mothering Across Continents, a non-profit building schools in South Sudan. 

...even if he doesn’t win, he’ll still be among a dozen guys on the school’s homecoming court, though Brockington is aiming for top spot.

“We’re hoping for king,” he says.

Head over to QNotes for more information about the fundraising effort and donations. We'll be rooting for you at Towleroad, Blake! 

Photo via Qnotes.

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  1. Thank you, Blake, for your leadership.

    Posted by: Randy | Feb 7, 2014 12:47:47 AM

  2. Not sure what this has to do with gays and lesbians. If Blake is truly a male and likes girls, he's heterosexual. Or does Towleroad consider him to be a sort-of, kind-of lesbian?

    Posted by: Rose | Feb 7, 2014 1:13:26 AM

  3. good for him i hope he enjoys his moment to shine. however, i agree with the comment above. this really has nothing to do with the gay people. i am offended by the the suggestion that being gay is like identifying as the opposite sex.

    Posted by: alexis kostas | Feb 7, 2014 4:01:10 AM

  4. Why it doesn't? Blake Gender wise is a female who is a Transman so he is gay!

    Posted by: CHOCOLATEBEARCUB | Feb 7, 2014 4:29:23 AM

  5. Is he attracted to men?

    If not then why is this story of any interest to LGB people?

    Time to divorce the T from the LGB.

    Posted by: MaryM | Feb 7, 2014 6:18:00 AM

  6. CONGRATS!!!

    Posted by: Corey Mondello | Feb 7, 2014 7:39:17 AM

  7. Ps: not a fan of anti -T LGB folks!!!

    Posted by: Corey Mondello | Feb 7, 2014 7:49:22 AM

  8. Hilarious how the same person is posting under different names to make anti-trans comments. LGBT together forever!

    Posted by: SpaceCadet | Feb 7, 2014 11:36:41 AM

  9. Lol, this is not a lgb news blog, it never has been. Get over it. Where were you all to complain about videos of polar bears walking on snow or praying mantis looking at traffic or were those gay bears and insects. Not everything here is about gay people, get over it.

    Posted by: alliefoo | Feb 7, 2014 1:44:27 PM

  10. Good for Blake!

    Posted by: Lymis | Feb 7, 2014 4:08:26 PM

  11. @Corey Mondello, saying that the T should be independent of LGB is not anti-T. LGBT is anti-T.

    If you want to see the kind of confusion and disrespect that is created when you lump the 2 groups together, just read the comment from ChocolateBearCub above.

    Posted by: Derrick | Feb 7, 2014 4:22:30 PM

  12. Yeah, I couldn't understand if Blake is a male wanting to become female, or the opposite. Not clear.

    Or in the fact that it's not clear, is this is sort of a non- or pan-gender situation.

    Sounds like a cool guy/girl/whatever anyway. You go guy/girl/whatever, all power to you…

    Posted by: tinkerbelle | Feb 7, 2014 4:39:55 PM

  13. @ "If you want to see the kind of confusion and disrespect that is created when you lump the 2 groups together, just read the comment from ChocolateBearCub above."

    Rick, you are the one causing confusion by using different posting names...or atleast you try to. The poster "Derrick" has a link, and that's why his name is in red print.

    Your mind is the one in CONFUSION. I've told you time and time again: give up the narcotics and turn to alcohol. Booze is more patriotic, Republican and LEGAL!

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Feb 7, 2014 4:41:50 PM

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