1. John says

    Last year Channel4 revolutionized the Paralympic coverage. They invested in para-abled reporters and presenters, they explained beautifully the rules and workings of the individual games and they did it with respect and understanding. And (for those of you who care) they made it pay. I didn’t think i could be more proud of Channel4. Turns out i was wrong.
    Are there any other TV Stations, anywhere in the world, who are half as good as Channel4?

  2. John says

    jaker – “why does “gay” always = “camp”?”

    It doesn’t. But would the point of the thing have been seen and enjoyed if it depicted a Russian bear enjoying a pint of manly beer talking about how Spurs were doing whilst doing a bit of woodwork?

  3. ratbastard says

    For Americans:

    Channel 4 is a publicly owned and partially publicly funded network, similar to PBS here. The UK has two publicly owned networks: BBC and Channel 4.

  4. Darrell says

    Just got back to Canada from a 4 week holiday in the UK with a weekend in Athens….In many ways the British are almost as advanced as we are in Canada in regards to gay rights they just need to make the final step in regards to Gay Marriage rather than civil partnerships it will happen but I am impressed Channel 4 did this! Way to go!