1. Markt says

    Ah to be a luger. It’s not homoerotic at all. After I’ve scared myself shitless I am always unaffected by the hard warm body pressed against me – ass to crotch.

  2. freak says

    It’s extremely disappointing that gay groups have chosen to sexualize sports for some sort of misguided goal of “inclusion”. What does it say about gay athletes who want to play on an equal basis with everyone else? They are playing into stereotypes that gay people are only interested in sex. It also reflects very negative views about male non-sexual intimacy as something shocking and tawdry. This reflects very badly on all of us.

  3. dixichuk says

    It would seem that sexualizing situations,or pretty much everything,(from shaving cream to an innocent hamburger) is not a gay trait but a man trait. But if we are going to scream foul when straights reduce us to strictly sexual terms, it probably doesn’t help when we do that to ourselves.
    Wow on the video.

  4. Markt says

    Not a bad point Freak. Still libido is an extremely powerful force that underlies all human interactions (citation to Freud omitted). It simply comes to mind – like it or not. It’s our prejudice against same sex sexuality that makes it a big deal – not so much that it is acknowledged. Maybe the key is to be sure to include the competing human emotional exchanges that are a part of sport as well.

  5. Henry Holland says

    “right-wing troll”

    Sure, because we’re ALL part of the Gay Borg Collective, deviation from that is a Thoughtcrime.


    Totally agree with what Freak wrote.

  6. Håkon says

    Who knew all the U.S. lugers were such homophobes? I imagine they’ll be fairly quiet after these weird outbursts, though – lots of people are upset that they just can’t seem to shut their mouths and perform. I was glad to see the German pair win gold over these cretins earlier today.

  7. Steve T. says

    I suspect the luge track is indoors because Sochi is a subtropical seaside resort. Enclosing the whole thing is probably the only way to keep things cold enough to keep the ice on the track from melting.