Anti-Equality Party Chair Hopeful Splits Virginia Democratic Party

JonesDemocrats in Virginia will be electing a new party chair next week, and prospect Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones is causing a rift in the party over his stance against marriage equality. Presently 71 Central Committee members and 40 local party officers have all signed a petition asserting, “Unless Mayor Jones makes a strong public statement in support of legal marriage equality, we cannot consider supporting him.”

Jones, a Baptist pastor, has expressed his support for general LGBT equality but draws the line at marriage due to his religious beliefs and the Baptist denomination's opposition to marriage equality. In 2006 Jones voted for the constitutional amendment banning the recognition of all same-sex relationships and encouraged the federal government to do the same, distancing himself from supporting Obama after the President endorsed marriage equality.

An anonymous insider said that the anti-LGBT members within the Democratic party are "our Tea Party." 


  1. Steve says

    Being a Baptist pastor should disqualify him from being a politician altogether. You can’t be both.

  2. ChrisQ says

    “Jones, a Baptist pastor, has expressed his support for general LGBT equality but draws the line at marriage due to his religious beliefs and the Baptist denomination’s opposition to marriage equality.”

    If your religious beliefs interfere with your ability to govern in a civil society, you should be a preacher, not a law maker. Period.

  3. BobN says

    “You can’t be both.”

    So much for that no-religious-test stuff in the Constitution, eh?

    The problem isn’t that he’s a minister, it’s that he seems to think that voting for SSM has anything to do with whether his church will ever even consider them.

  4. pete n sfo says

    Well 71 committee members are absolute fools if they want to bet on that horse.

    The fact that this guy voted for a Constitutional amendment demonstrates exactly why he shouldn’t be in politics at all.

  5. says

    “Jones, a Baptist pastor, has expressed his support for general LGBT equality but draws the line at marriage due to his religious beliefs.”

    So much wrong in that one statement it just makes you shudder. That a man thinking he should be the leader a state political party in the XXI Century in America would say that ‘general equality’ is sufficient for a group of American citizens in unconscionable. That he has the right to draw lines on equality for another.

    Know who else thought they had the right to draw lines on equality for another? Slave traders. Slave owners. It was their God given right as white Christians to own another human being.

    Where else should lines in civil laws based on religious concepts be drawn Pastor? Should women be unequal because religion says so? Gonna draw the line at their right to vote and work?

    Know what else ‘general equality’ leads to? Apartheid. Segregation. Voting rights restrictions. They all give you general equality Pastor. You going to be alright with that ‘general equality’ idea when it’s directed at you?

  6. Bart says

    America is not a religion, it’s a country.

    I would suggest Mr. Jones learn that he has a right to his religion, but his religion doesn’t trump anyone else’s civil rights. And marriage in this country, with it’s legal, financial and taxable implications is a civil right.

  7. says

    Paid troll or ignorant tool?
    Parallels in effects of institutionalized oppression draws the obvious comparisons. Are Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and President Obama showing their white privilege when they make the comparisons?

  8. says

    Hard to believe this clown, who can’t run a simple city, has risen to the level of a statewide post. How sad we are in Virginia.


    No one is ignorant but you Boom those dumb ass analogies are old. You’re the troll the comparisons are stupid said there aren’t folks in the gay community who aren’t prejudice.

  10. Corey Mondello says

    I just want people to be aware that about 1/2 of ALL Democrats in the USA, both State and Federal levels are in fact conservative. I live in “liberal” Boston Massachusetts, and we have a new mayor. During the election, there were two front runners, both Democrats, both for equality for gays, most things looked about the same of the two. I wasn’t even going to vote, until I read in the local paper that one was being funded by those who ran with Mitt Romney and Karl Rove. Well any fool knows what that means. Along with that, the paper I read this in and the local “gay” paper were endorsing this fool, as were the leaving Mayor and many Reps and districts, all Democrats. They even were pushing that the other guy running was “pro-union” and bad for business. So, I told as many apoplectic as possible, had FB conversation with a local rep I called a Tea-Partier for supporting the guy being supported by T-Party money, I tweeted and emailed all the fools telling them basically that they were idiots and ass holes. The most wealthy ended up voting for the t-bag piglet….but guess what HE LOST!!!! So Marty Walsh, the pro-union Democrat who most Democrats in public office, our two local papers, one bring gay, and most of my wealthy neighbors did not want to win even though they knew the other guy was a T-Party/Repub favorite, won. I never thought I would even care about a local election in “liberal” Boston MA, but this opened my eyes to the Democratic Party. It’s time the get with the program or they will be left behind!

  11. Liam says

    Choclateteabear: Seriously? He’s a troll because he points out how hypocritical it is to oppress another group after you have been oppressed yourself? I think you are being a little harsh here. This minister is using the usual religious arguments as shield for the truth, he is homophobic. Pointing out his hypocrisy may be tedious for you but sometimes hitting them with the facts will so infuriate them that they reveal themselves for what they are. Oppression is oppression. Bigotry is bigotry. You don’t get to have shades of it. You either are or you are not.

  12. RayRay says

    Thing about ‘old arguments’ is that they’re valid until unproven. You made no attempt to disprove anything BOOM! said and yes the historical parallels are obvious. Citing white ‘privilege’ when none was used makes you look petty.

    Racial oppression unchallenged in America led to slavery. Oppression based on sexual orientation in 10 countries of the world today leads to execution. In 71 more it leads to imprisonment. Done while citing doing God’s work as this man is doing in Virginia.

    There is no hierarchy of oppression and there is no permission needed for citing historical facts. I’m black. And gay. I speak from both perspectives.