1. Håkon says

    Billy Eichner is so adorable. The linked NYT article mentions that he’s tall (“the spectacle of the tall, gangly Mr. Eichner”), but never mentions his actual height… Does anyone know it?

  2. EchtKultig says

    i’m sorry to sound like Jebidiah Atkinson, but it’s sad that this is what passes for funny these days. You should have a right to walk in public without being accosted for comic effect, but of course you don’t. But his dealings with his subjects isn’t remotely clever or witty. And the set up and let down is all over in a couple seconds. Kids with ADHD would find this too cursory and fast paced. If you want something similar that’s funnier and better “thought out”, there’s a straight Russian prick who punks people* on the streets and beaches of Miami…can’t remember his youtube ID.

    * – generally airheaded, vapid and attention-seeking, which makes it seem slightly less exploitative to watch

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