1. johnny says

    Someone Photoshopped that picture using the hairbrush. The dude’s beard is total fake and the chest hair has repeating patterns.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Just drink whiskey.”

    That’s why I love, CRISPY. You’re always keeping me in mind.

    In fact, these are some of the funniest comments on Towleroad ever.

    But tell me something: this Testosterone, is it brown liquor or white liquor…or is it some brand of imported wine?

    I’ll get some if it’s not too expensive. You see, I’m not one of these well-to-do homos. I’m on a budget.

  3. brandon h says

    This is so surreal that body hair is coming into fashion. I remember feeling like a freak 12 years ago when I was first coming out and wasn’t a twink or smooth muscle jock.

    Now I hear there is such a thing as a chest hair transplant? Yeesh.

  4. Ulu says

    Brandon, I know exactly what you mean! I feel the same way. I was even trying to get body hair removed by laser. Now it seems among a segment of the gay population having thick chest hair is equivalent to having huge breasts in the straight population, à la Pamela Anderson. Glad I can stop shaving it off now.

  5. Jaysonn says

    I have been told that I have one of the best hairy chest patterns guys have ever seen (hairy chest with a straight line done to happy land. And it is as soft as the hair on my head.) However, I also have hair on my back which most guys hate. Would like to know if laser treatments work.

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