1. Rrhain says

    The “V” in “HIV” stands for “virus.” Thus, to say, “HIV virus” is to say, “human immunodeficiency virus virus.”

    The “M” in “ATM” stands for “machine.” The worst was a menu that had “roast beef with au jus sauce.”

    That would be “roast beef with with sauce sauce.”

    Peeve petted.

  2. sam says

    The best prophylactic is to keep your zipper shut. Failing that, it’s best to avoid promiscuity and anonymous encounters.

    Adding chemicals to your system is not ideal. You don’t need drugs like Truvada in your body.

  3. OddBet says

    Correct Sam, the best way to avoid STIs is to refrain from sex.

    Just as the best way to avoid a car accident to refrain from traveling by car.

    Meanwhile, it is good to see the exploration of realistic solutions for real issues.

  4. Douglas says

    Expensive HIV medications that must be religiously taken daily. Quarterly doctor visits and blood tests to monitor possible toxicity of these meds. This sounds remarkably similar to what being poz must be like.

  5. Zlick says

    Heheh, Douglas seems to have nailed it. Though it’s remarkable what this drug does, and of course it’s FAR better to be uninfected than infected … this particular regimen sounds too much like the one needed if you already ARE infected. Sheesh.

  6. Rolo says

    While helpful, there is something not addressed in this video — the fact that there have been no studies COMPLETED regarding the long-term side effects over several years (i.e. 3-10 yrs). The video is correct regarding side effects with onset of treatment and discontinuation of treatment. However, note that there is no mention of the fact that the drug has not been out long enough to consider long-term health effects, only its immediate effectiveness post-trial. In essence, this is why all of this “long term testing” of kidneys and HIV status is needed — because no one knows what will happen 5, 10, 15, 20 years down the line. This happens with many drugs, sure. But the difference is that this drug is nonessential… it’s almost like the new viagra. Likewise, no one knows if effectiveness will decrease over longer periods of time, or if the virus will find a way to mutate around the drug’s chemical processes. (Each iteration of the virus exploding from one infected cell is genetically unique, meaning mutation is a common part of HIV lifecycle, and the virus just needs to hit the “right combination” of mutated reverse transcriptase genes. This is how “resistant virus strains” are created.)

  7. Steven says

    Actually, not true. Truvada has been studied quite extensively in immuno-compromised people. We have a fair idea of the impacts on people’s bodies, and the drug is surprisingly well tolerated. Current research is underway to find even easier drugs on the body for PrEP.

    And women have been taking a drug daily also for sexual purposes. In that case, it’s to prevent pregnancy. It’s been a revolution for them. Were now at a place where the same is true for HIV prevention.

  8. Leo says

    All these pundits rambling on about the “sexual politics fueling the controversy still following this drug” are over complicating this way too much – slicing and dicing talking points to be PC.

    Let’s be incredibly blunt – admitting Truvada use if you’re single will be assumed to mean you enjoy condom-free hookups, specifically anal. Point blank. That will be the translation for the near future at least.

    Someone that uses condoms and still is willing to go through the side effects for that added sense of security will unfortunately be lumped into this assumption.

    Let’s be blunt about the “truvada whore” shamers as well. They need to admit they think it’s their right to dictate to others how to have sex. Plain and simple.

  9. Sam says

    You know, many gay men could avoid the risks associated with taking PrEP medications simply by practicing restraint and avoiding the lascivious sexual and drug-related activities that brought on the AIDS crisis in the first place.

  10. Andrew says

    You know, many gay men could avoid the risks associated with taking PrEP medications simply by practicing restraint and avoiding the lascivious sexual and drug-related activities that brought on the AIDS crisis in the first place.

  11. Clint says

    I’m over 40, and have had only safe sex outside of committed relationships. I have remained HIV-free without riddling my body with unnecessary anti-virals. I would never rely on a medication to save me from HIV.

  12. ElCid says

    Is it just me or this video is more of an ad than anything else?
    This is a clear attempt to medicalize all people.
    No wonder health expenditures continue to grow…
    Condoms are cheaper, from a public health standpoint this Truvada campaign is THE most insensitive thing to do.

  13. Angela Channing says

    As with all health decisions, these are best when discussed with one’s doctor. Everyone must analyze their own risks (including the possible long term side effects)and decide for themselves. It is really none of my business if someone is sexually liberated and wants it, or if they are in a relationship where one partner is poz and the other is not. This is a useful treatment to prevent HIV but it is not right for everyone. Elcid also has a point because we are not talking about a one time vaccination…this is a drug that must be taken on a regular basis to be effective. Doctors have to be very clear in their counsel about this drug.

  14. Gus Cairns says

    “”There are already guys online advertising themselves as on PrEP and looking for bareback. All cum collecting bottoms.”


    Yeah! Gimme their profile nick now!!!

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