1. Zell says

    It’s people like this, and the lesbian who faked the nasty note the customer left, or he gay couple who faked the note from the offended mother on their party invitation, or the lesbian who faked her assault a year or two ago, who are truly setting back the cause of gay rights. Now people will look askance at claims of assault or discrimination, and rightly so. I admit when I first heard about the waitress and the couple with the birthday party I was skeptical, and in both cases I was, unfortunately, right to be. Pathetic.

  2. Ace says

    This is so sad. This kid needs a good therapist not jail.

    We hear about folks like this who make false claims of victimhood for attention too often.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “It’s people like this,….”

    @ “I hope he knows what damage he has done to our community as a whole.”

    What the do either of you know about the the stress that a
    teenage Transgender person has to go through?

    Sometimes you feel like you want to find some of the people who post comments on this blog and…well, just kill them.

  4. MaryM says

    I don’t care about what stress that moronic little idiot is going through, regardless of whether he is trans or not.

    He’s wasting police time and should face consequences for that. And he is trivialising experience of real victims of assault through his lies.

    I think he needs a psychiatrist quickly.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    @ MARYM,

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that the emotionally bizarre act of one Gay or Transgender teenager should NOT relfect on the entire LGBT world (I hate to say LGBT community because we are a lot of varied comnunitIES.)

    It’s similar to what Black folks have gone through for many decades when there is the report of a well publicized crime. We say, “oh, Lord, I hope the criminal wasn’t Black”. As though the criminal will represent all Black folks.

    Well, why should Gay and Transfolk put themselves through the same foolishness?

    So, a Transgender teenager did something stupid (or desperate). That does not reflect on all Gay and Transgender folk.

  6. Ace says


    What about the disturbed gay and lesbian ppl who’ve made these kinds of claims?

    This is about mental illness. Instead of running around with torches and pitchforks, why not understand that this child is mentally ill? Clearly, this person was not in his right mind and needs help.

  7. Seattle Mike says

    News flash: 15 year old kids sometimes do stupid things. I’m sure he really regrets doing this, or will once he’s older. Show a little compassion, people.

  8. Paul R says

    @Zell and others: the faked response to the birthday invitation was not created or reported by a gay couple. It was made up by two straight “shock” DJs to get attention. They admitted to it, and last I heard the radio station’s management/owners were looking into disciplinary measures.

    I certainly don’t embrace anyone seeking attention by making false claims of abuse or other mistreatment. But I also don’t think that the actions of one 15 year old and a couple other isolated incidents over several years reflect on the millions of LGBT Americans. Not to mention that for every one false report, there are hundreds—if not thousands—of real ones.

    Straight people make up stuff all the time, so it’s not unexpected that LGBT people sometimes do too. Plus, most straight people aren’t paying attention to most reports on hate crimes, true or false. The lying waitress was probably the most widely reported tale, yet I doubt that it crossed the radar of 98% of straight people who read the news—much less those who don’t.

  9. Zell says

    @Derrick from Philly: “Just kill them?” Are you actually saying that or is a troll just trying to make you look bad? You don’t get to make threats against other people with impunity.

    Andy, your comments are absolutely out of control, when someone is allowed to talk about literally finding other commenters and murdering them.

  10. Matthew says

    Another lying trans nut. These folks lie all the time. About almost everything. Imagine what would have happened if some innocent kids had been wrongfully accused? Would this disgusting liar have said anything or let them go to prison?

    To trannies, 99% of society is “cis scum” and is fair game for any degree of cruel treatment. Their fave new slogan is “die cis scum.” These are sick people. Sick as in mentally ill and sociopathic. The worst mistake that LGBs ever made was to allow their identity to be hijacked and for their civil rights movement to be co-opted by these illiberal, cruel, lying thugs.

  11. Brian says

    Zell- The hoax about the party invitation was NOT perpetrated by a gay couple. It was perpetrated by 2 straight radio jocks, who invented the entire story as a PR stunt.

    Clint – This deceitful transgender did not cause any damage to “our community.” There is no evidence that the liar is LGB. LGB is our community. Transgender is an entirely separate concept and an entirely separate group (actually a number of groups falsely brought under one “umbrella”).

    Nothing they do reflects on LBGs. The only reason that some people think so is becasue they buy into the false concept of LGBT.

  12. debs says

    zell, what derrick from philly said about killing anyone who speaks out against this false accuser is typical. they have no arguments. they only have threats. notice that little kiwi, who is the same person as derrick is constantly fantasizing about other commenters killing themselves. this are really sick evil people. there is something about the entire trans movement that is filled with this kind of violence and bullying. it would be great if andy towle could forward derrick’s ip address to law enforcement.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “Andy, your comments are absolutely out of control, when someone is allowed to talk about literally finding other commenters and murdering them.”

    LOL. Child, you made my day. If I haven’t murdered Rick yet, do think I’m really….well, yep, I’m coming after you like Dirty Harry in Drag. Yep, Dirty Harriet! Better watch out. LOL

  14. Zell says

    @Derrick I’m not “worried,” per se, but your comment was out of line.

    As for the gay couple’s party invitation, it’s good to hear that the gay couple was not behind the hoax, but the entire situation is still embarrassing to the gay community. Please note, I’m not saying that the actions of a few people should reflect on the community as a whole, but in the public’s eye, it does.

  15. Randy says

    “the school has no plans to punish the student”

    Why not? These are dangerous accusations, and could have really damaged some students’ futures.

  16. Derrick from Philly says


    please answer Zell’s and Deb’s request. Please tell the Federal authorities my IP addresss so they can incarerate me. That will be the only way that I’ll ever have a man again.

    I’m ready to go to jail! LOL

    I’m going to find and kill all of y’all anti-TRans b1tches! Come and get me!

  17. Helene says

    Isn’t it wonderful how law enforcement leaps into action when a transgender makes a false accusation. Too bad there was no one around to care when 4 year old Myls Dobson was tortured and murdered by a hulking, violent trans monster. Oh, and of course, Towleroad – which covers every trivial complaint by trans activists – didn’t think that this trans story was worth covering, even though it made news around the world:

    “Myls Dobson arrived at the Ritz Plaza apartments a healthy, smiling, 50-pound little boy.

    But over three weeks at the hands of the 231-pound transgendered woman seasoned investigators call a savage, he died a sadistic, tortured death.

    During a 12-hour interrogation, Kryzie King told astonished detectives how she brutalized the little boy, whom she’d agreed to watch for a few hours when his dad, her boyfriend, dropped him off.

    But when hours stretched to days, and weeks, she said the boy stopped eat, so she hit him with a belt and an electrical cord.

    She took the rack from a hot oven and held it against his leg.

    She tied him to a chair and gagged his mouth.

    Then, on Tuesday evening when it was nine degrees with a wind chill of minus 15, King told investigators she locked the 4-year-old on her 11th floor balcony wearing only a t-shirt and boxers for close to an hour.

    And then, locked him in her bathroom in the dark. By Wednesday, cops say Myls had lost more than 20 pounds, when King told police she watched his eyes flutter, as he took his last breaths.”

  18. Brian says

    Zell, just to clarify: there was no gay couple. The radio jocks invented the couple, the daughter, the party, the invitation, and the response to the invitation. Every component of the story was was invented by the 2 straight radio jocks. I honestly don’t see how that could reflect on LGBs in any way. If one of the radio jocks was gay, then maybe, but under the actual facts of the case, no.

    BTW, I see a huge legal and moral difference b/t a story like that and the one about the rude note on the restaurant bill and a story like the one above, which involves a false alarm to the police, wasting precious law enforcement resources, disrupting the school, and possibly putting students at risk of false arrest. I wonder if this transgender didn’t blame an African American. That is a standard tactic in false accusation cases like this.

    They should absolutely arrest the false accuser and charge him or her with a crime, or failing that, send him/her to be evaluated by a mental health professional. How can the school just shrug this off?

  19. Davon Sullivan says

    Dear Helene–

    Wow. Just wow. Thank you for posting that. That is the most horrible thing I have ever read. Just devastating. How can this story not be covered by Towleroad and the other blogs. It seems that there is an intention to cover up negative stories about transgenders.

    Shame on you Andy Towle. This story was covered by The NY Daily News but not Towleroad? Why, because a 4 year olds horrible death should be covered up to protect the sensitivities of trans activists?

  20. Homo Genius says

    well really I don’t care which tran stories andy covers… I still have zero interest in trans. Its like being black and going to a black website and every other article is about Asians.

  21. Thedrdonna says

    There are bad people within any population. Attempting to paint all trans people with the same brush, like Helene does, is not more valid than social conservatives saying all gay men are pedophiles, due to a few infamous cases. Correlation doesn’t mean causation.

  22. brandon h says

    I went to High School in the east bay, so this sounded totally plausible to me. The closer to Stockton and Sacramento you get, the more homophobic it gets. It’s not all San Francisco/Oakland/Berkley/San Jose gay paradise. People forget that central and extreme northern California are basically a red state.

    Don’t let one liar make you think everything is all OK in Contra Costa County.

  23. SpaceCadet says

    Well said THEDRDONNA! You cannot impugn an entire class of people due to a few bad apples. Otherwise, people could make the equally dumb argument that Jeffrey Dahmer is representative of gay people.

  24. Randy says

    Unfortunately video reporting…

    “biological female” .. no. The brain is part of biology, and the brain is clearly telling this boy that he is male.

    “identifies as” .. no. “Is”.

  25. Derrick from Philly says


    What does the story of a Transwoman who was a monster and tortured a little boy have to do with Transgender folk in general? Nothing.

    We’ve got monsters in every race, sexual orientation, gender, and gender role expression.

    It’s always horrible when little children are tortured.

  26. Helene says

    The point isn’t that every trans person is a child killer. The point is that there is an ideological imperative to give constant coverage to trans complaints, demands, and victimhood, while covering up stories about trans people who commit crimes and victimize people.

    We just recently got multiple articles about Charles (“Janet”) Mock, who not only enjoyed airtime on CNN, but got a softball interview from Piers Morgan. Nevertheless, Mock complained about how Morgan used a phrase. That phrase was evidence of transphobia, even though it later came out that Mock had used the very same phrase. This nonsense warranted multiple articles and was covered all over the “LGBT” blogs.

    By contrast, this horrible story, in which a “transwoman” tortured a boy to death was a front page story in the Daily News, but it didn’t get covered on any so-called LGBT news blogs. Why the disparity? Why is Mock’s fake outrage over a phrase a more important trans story than the murder of a young boy?

    It is because trans activists demand that transgenders be falsely portrayed as saints and martyrs. They get enraged whenever the high prevalence of trans dysfunction and trans mental illness manifest in some news story, whether it be a crime story or a story about a transgender who has decided to de-transition.

  27. enchantra says

    While this certainly doesn’t help, the people who accuse us of making up crimes against us watched the videos from Russia and claimed they were fake.

    We are no more responsible for this jackass than the black community is for Tawana Brawley. Where we can stand out is in not jumping on a bandwagon until there is adequate reason to believe that a story is true.

  28. Tom says

    Glad to see this story going viral. Front page on the San Jose Mercury News. It’s about time people started learning about trans activist liars.

    Enchantra, there is no “we” here. This is a transgender issue, not an LGB issue. There is no such thing as “LGBT.”

  29. says

    The damage this does to the glbt community is tremendous, people who would are on the fence about our rights will move away from supporting us. I would love to see each liar prosecuted to the max.

  30. wheelie81 says

    I sincerely hope these incidents will teach the LGBT community to stop rushing to judgment with their pitchforks and torches when these stories get reported. Let the facts come out first and then the justice system will take care of the rest. We don’t serve ourselves well by having a mob mentality and then finding out we were wrong.

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