1. RichB in PS says

    Wonder how long before general distribution? Hope/suggest Netflix to add to their queque?? – maybe even Redbox??? I am going to suggest to both, Netflix and Redbox — anyone else…

  2. will says

    The music tends toward blandness, there’s nothing really memorable, but it’s not without some talent. I’ve not seen the other episodes and I’m not sure I could sit through them. This production seems to be self-indulgent. Sing a song and keep it moving, I kept thinking to myself. Cut the fat. I don’t want to sit through somebody’s pompous psychodrama. This musical (based on this episode) hasn’t been thought out in terms of what gives an audience pleasure. It’s all about itself — and it’s ideas are small and pedestrian. The guys rubbing noses and acting in love is really beyond sufferance.

  3. tinkerbelle says

    Not to be Debby Downer, I found this unwatchable. I basically agree with Will, and navel-gazing has never been enough of an inspiration for a truly “meaningfull” work. They’re missing a bigger picture here. And please, better music, OK?

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