1. Chrislam says

    I wonder if his head is going to explode when he learns that the Bible says nothing about gay marriage. And that the closest thing mentioned in the BIble about a union of two men is the story of Jonathan and David where their souls were “knitted” together.

  2. Nick says

    Timmy- your comments and the comments of your boss are irrelevant. We do not live in a theocracy and newsflash- if the Xtian Dominionists get their way here in the good ‘ol USA-you will be out on your ear and other body parts as well as “the gays” because the fundies have no use for adherents to the Roman Catholic Church.

  3. robertL says

    “Gregory then asked Dolan if that would make him personally uncomfortable.” ……….and he gives his stock answer. OK Dolan what makes me uncomfortable is you should be in jail for your pedophilia antics. This is a child with sin on his soul. See you in hell.

  4. john patrick says

    “Once again in an extraordinarily open, sincere, nuanced way…”
    In other words, the pope was speaking in a sincere, open way so nuanced that only Dolan can properly interpret it. Sounds like Dolan said the pope was speaking in the kind of open way Dolan speaks, when Dolan says that he loves gay people and wants gay people to be treated equally in society, but equality doesn’t mean equal rights cause Jeebus….

  5. says

    Once again, no one cares what makes this religious fanatic comfortable and/or uncomfortable. The U.S. Government should remove this Church’s favored tax status and ban the entire religion from its borders. This is a cult of evil bigoted zealots and nothing more.

  6. john patrick says

    The pope (before he became pope), in coming out against marriage equality in his home country, came out in favor of civil unions as an option.

  7. john patrick says

    All these pious references to God by this man dressed in black robes with red cap and piping, sitting in his big mansion, are rather tiresome and even revulsive.

  8. woody says

    oh, for heaven’s sake.
    bergoglio himself proposed civil unions as a compromise position when argentina was about to legalize same sex marriage.
    dolan really doesn’t think before words explode from his mouth.

  9. Jim Stone says

    Why is it always “if you are for same sex marriage you are against traditional marriage?” Do they think that heterosexual couples will stop getting married and having children if we have same sex marriage??
    “Uncomfortable” is they way I feel when I hear him talk. When I see an overweight bigot in a red cap sitting in a palatial home in Manhattan twisting the true words of Christ I think of all of the money my parents threw into the collection basket on Sunday while I was growing up…

  10. james st. james says

    Andy found the one out-take that makes Dolan look angry and blustering — good job!

    Now THAT’S the Catholic hierarchy I remember.

    (Easter is on its way. I remember one cleric describing it as “the stink of lilies.” But I digress.)

  11. James says

    “…marriage between one man and one woman forever, leading to life and love. That’s not something that is just a sacramental religious concern. You bet it is that. And that’s how God is elevated into making a sacrament. But it’s also the building block of society and culture.”

    What Does he have to say about a bisexual King James having mandated an English translation of the holy scriptures, or the Holy See sponsoring a gay artist to complete illustrations of spiritual myths on the walls and ceiking of his Sistine Chapel?

  12. says

    What if I feel uncomfortable when the largest religious corporation in the world attacks my legal rights?

    Cardinal Dolan feels uncomfortable when he contemplates gay relationships for exactly the same reason as the vast majority of homophobes feel uncomfortable when thinking of rainbow people. It’s because he fears his own homoeroticism.

    Cardinal Dolan could cure his discomfort caused by my existence if he were to drop dead.

    anglo saxon word him.

  13. abel says

    Dame Timothy Lady Dolan can just BE uncomfortable. I’d like to see him uncomfortably sitting in a court room answering pedophile charges. I wonder why he feels he must “interpret” what the Holy Father says? Does he feel Pope Francis is unable to make himself understood?

  14. thomas nawn says

    cardinal spellman who came before dolan was gay, all the clergy in new york knew that, dolan is typical of the right wing irish catholic, my age is 75 i have survived a lot,let dolan retire to his mansion on madison avenue, when i was young our nickname for spellman well i will not tellit spellman loved his boys in uniform he served as the military archbishop in those days, he had a famous argument with bishop sheen they did not like each other

  15. Mags says

    Please explain why a religious organization who gets tax exemptions, because apparently its mission is helping and feeding the poor, is allowed to meddle in State and federal issues?

    Especially since their POV is that tax paying citizens should not be allowed the same tax benefits and advantages as those followers of their system of convenient beliefs.

    And on that subject, could anyone please point to me that part in the Jesus Bible where it says lying scheming pedophiles, and lying scheming protectors of pedophiles should have a say in state or non-religious policies!

  16. parkrunner says

    I wonder if this guy felt uncomfortable when, under his watch, pedophile priests were paid $20,000 to leave the priesthood.
    I remember a wedding when my little niece pointed at the priest and yelled out loud “Mama, Mama, mira el paiaso” (look at the clown). She grew away from the church and keeps her own kids away from organized religion. I guess she still thinks they’re clowns.

  17. walter says

    this is the man who moved church money around into a cemetery fund so that the victims of church child abuse couldn’t get a settlement . wonder how many pedophiles he hid at the same time .

  18. Bill says

    @David R.: It is the nuns who are supposed to be married to Jesus (symbolically), so you should bring that up when they talk about “one man and one woman.” It makes Jesus the most prolific polygamist on the planet, and maybe the universe if he is setting up the same thing elsewhere.

    Meanwhile Catholics have some rather bizarre rules for priests, even ones who have gotten fed up and left the church: According to :

    “Canon 1087 states: ‘Persons who are in holy orders invalidly attempt marriage.’

    T”his impediment remains as long as the priest has not been dispensed from it, even if he were to attempt a civil marriage, even if he left the Church and joined a non-Catholic sect, and even if he apostatized from the Christian faith altogether. He cannot be validly married after ordination unless he receives a dispensation from the Holy See (CIC 1078 §2, 1).”

  19. Michael says

    Terribly overweight, old, bald, white man in a dress, often using some very flamboyant costumes when appearing in public. Hmmmm! My source for intelligent thought.

  20. Liam says

    I am sick of all the coverage of the pope and whatever redfaced cardinal that decides he needs some camera time.
    All this superstitious nonsense is a big waste of time and money.

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