1. Edd says

    If you’re surprised by this, you have the bar set too high for Oklahoma. Everything isn’t OK in Oklahoma.

  2. Chris K says

    If it was just an accident, I’m sure they’d be happy to air the show again? Although there’d probably be another unexpected ‘operator error’ during the rerun as well.. What a pathetic waste of TV Fox is.

  3. simon says

    It was because it mentioned that the homos evolutionally separated from the apes 5 millions years ago. It was the h word that did it.

  4. Jay says

    This whole God vs science debate plays to our human limitation to conceive anything but.

  5. says

    The station needs to re-run the program in its entirety at the height of their programming night. Nothing less will do. They should also apologize, admit to their cuts and encourage their viewers to watch before the episode begins.

  6. says

    Way more people will see it now that their attempt at censorship has been unmasked. The internet is great that way.

    Did we honestly expect no backlash to anything that could be perceived as a threat to creationism?

    Wonder how does anyone find righteousness in something this petty?

  7. Tarc says

    Just another day in the land of conservatives/religious folks being the most evil, self-centered, vile people on the planet.

  8. Lazycrockett says

    I was watching the old Cosmos episode Sunday afternoon and I thought You know half this science talk would be be silenced from the religious right if this was originally airing today. So this doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  9. jjose712 says

    I’ll never understand this obsession with evolution. I studied in a catholic high school and they don’t have any problem with evolution (of course they didn’t teach a literal interpretation of the Bible either).
    Inteligent design is everything but inteligent

  10. moz's says

    our descended larynx and conscious control of breathing is more important than walking upright

    without it we couldn’t form words. The ability to communicate being more important than moving

    anyway; yeah not buying the “accident” excuse on them cutting the part about evolution

  11. JackKnowItAll says

    There’s no ‘accident’ about it. It was an accident, and one of several things likely happened.

    1) the promo in question was being fed to the station’s master control and the master control operator accidentally took it live, or

    2) the station’s master control was being routed through the station’s production booth, or

    3) the automated break machine misfired or the master control person got trigger-happy, and it was quickly noticed and put back on air.

    To suggest it was anything other than an accident is asinine at best. I can tell you straight up that this controversy has landed someone in hot water there. If they had any reservations about showing the program, the station wouldn’t have aired it….because there are plenty more things that were blasphemous than evolution on that show.

    Also, because of legal reasons, a television station can’t re-air the program unless something has been worked out well in advance or it is a part of their agreement with the network. In this case, it wasn’t.

  12. JackFknTwist says


    Let’s name the individual who cut the segment and let’s see to which evangelical loony tunes he is affiliated.

  13. Jackknowitall says

    I used to work in TV. I used to operate a master control board. It’s reeeeally easy to accidentally press a wrong button, especially when you’re operating more than one station at one time.

    Not everything is a looney conspiracy theory. Sometimes, the simplest explanation is the most correct one. Is it unfortunate? Yes. Is it ill-timed? Yes. But to call this anything other than an accident is wrong and shows no sense of reason.

    I used to work at a station that once cut to commercial on a really popular show with questionable content–and the reason it happened is that the network gave us the wrong break times and the master control computer cut in and went to break at the times it thought it was supposed to. Viewers complained but once we told them what had happened, they understood.

    Most stations’ master control is automated, but there still has to be someone there 24/7/365. If someone did it intentionally, I guarantee you they would be out of a job. But most likely something misfired. End of story.

  14. simon says

    I haven’t watched it but I watched the news. It seems that the episode contains something more explosive than evolution. It talks about an Italian monk called Bruno who was burned at the stake by none other than the Church for some “unconventional” thoughts about the universe. The cut could well be an accident since evolution was only condemned by the religious in the nineteenth century but Darwin was never physically harmed.

  15. Hansel Currywurst says

    Oklahomans haven’t evolved because the more advanced ones all escape to Dallas at their first opportunity and so the gene pool remains shallow.

  16. AL says

    Most liberals are basically Creationists, since they believe human evolution stopped at the neck.

  17. Diver39 says

    If you “accidently” air a promo, you know it immediately. You don’t wait for the full running time of the promo and then stop it. That’s how people know a mistake happened. They ran an entire promo. I would be very hard pressed to believe it’s anything less than censorship, particularly give that this is Oklahoma.

  18. SFRowGuy says

    Fox doesn’t have an agenda, just like I don’t have any problem with Fox. I don’t watch them.