German Customs Intercepts Box Of Cocaine-Filled Condoms Addressed To The Vatican


German customs officials intercepted a package at the international airport of Leipzig last January to find that it contained 340 grams of liquid cocaine, stored in condoms, and bound for the Vatican. The $55,000-worth of the narcotics were being shipped in from somewhere in South America and addressed to the main postal center in the Vatican.

Authorities initially handed the package over to Vatican police in hopes of trapping the buyer, but the box went unclaimed leaving police to believe that whomever intended to claim the drugs had been tipped off about the interception. The Vatican office of Interpol is now working on the investigation with the Leizpig prosecutor's office.


  1. Jerry says

    Sooo you’re saying that they gave it to the Vatican Police to solve and yet somehow someon in the Vatican who was expecting the package was somehow tipped off? By possibly, Im stepping out here on a limb to say this, the Vatican Police?

  2. simon says

    In the alternative universe of the Vatican, cocaine use is probably a minor offence compared to the use of condoms. According to the holy book, Jesus seems to be high all the time.

  3. Hansel Currywurst says

    I know what else is going to be filling condoms at the Vatican* and it’s good to know they won’t be using them for birth control since god likes unwanted babies and overpopulation; but(t) at least they practice safe sex.

    *they should call their secret hangout down in the catacombs “The Vat” ’cause it sounds kinda butch.

  4. Lymis says

    “they should call their secret hangout down in the catacombs “The Vat” ’cause it sounds kinda butch.”

    So would calling it “The ‘Can.”

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