Growing Up Queer, Latino and Undocumented In The South: VIDEO


A video from Public Interest Projects recorded at least year’s Southeast Immigrant Rights Network conference in Little Rock, AR highlights the struggles faced by young gay men who are undocumented latinos living in the South.  

“Growing up as an undocumented wasn’t easy. I always thought that I was, you know, going to have to either work in construction or be a cashier at a Mexican store where they don’t ask for papers so obviously I was going to have to be the cashier. I really didn't feel that I had a future because of my legal status. I had to find the jobs on the down low and stuff you know. I was embarrassed of being undocumented but that’s because of how society made me think of myself. Me and another friend in school we both were undocumented and we wanted a better future….What Im trying to do right here is to get everyone out of the shadows, get everyone out of the closet, let them know that being undocumented and being unafraid and unashamed is one of the most beautiful things in the world because you love yourself for who you are.”

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