1. BuckeyeWxGuy says

    I like the direction of “How I Met Your Dad” but as a long-time fan of HIMYM, I don’t want an entirely new set of characters. I think the producers should tell the mom’s (Cristin Milioti) back story leading up to her meeting Ted and the gang. That would give them an established audience and the chance for a great eventual payoff w/ cameos from the stellar HIMYM cast.

  2. Tempest says

    So, are either of the actors playing a gay character actually gay?? Yes, it does matter.

    Nice that the show is going to feature gay characters but if neither of the actors is really gay, it’s kind of insulting to all the gay actors out there.

  3. Just_a_guy says

    Him Using f###### word even as a joke males Him a lesa atractive human being. Never mind his actual looks, i don’t Know if i could find him a relatable charming character, period. Like I want to cheer him, but I can’t; the throw up from hear him repeat that word is still I’m my mouth, sorry.

  4. rob says

    I know it’s a comedy routine, and yes, he’s acting out how his “father” acts, but isn’t the “California is a bunch of homos” routine pretty outdated? Also, even if he’s, again, “mimicking” his father, he’s still drawing laughs from the words faggot and homo. Is that really necessary? Haven’t we moved past that yet? Or is this video from 1981? I’m not quite sure why he’s being celebrated here on Towleroad, unless it’s with some sort of irony (that I’m not getting).
    Maybe playing a gay character on TV will help him to become a little more sensitive to the cause?

  5. Jerry says

    Rob: that’s going to be a trope until the Midwest falls into a spontaneous, continent-spanning crevasse. There are still MANY people between the coasts who still think like that. Or haven’t you been outside in a few years?

  6. steve says

    I think it’s somewhat important to remember that he’s performing on the Sunset Strip in a comedy club – what comes across funny there doesn’t always translate to YouTube…or the context of being embedded in a gay news blog. either way – most comedy clubs are similar to frathouses – as is the humor.

  7. John says

    Jerry, stop generalizing the midwest. A lot of it was progressive, on many issues, way before us bunch of California homos. As for going outside, maybe your ignorant ass needs a remedial trip through Contra Costa County.

  8. Just_a_guy says

    All the straights who cling to the sunset strip and flaunt their hetero privilege (with constant hetero PDA there despite virtually no gay PDA) and make too-applauded gay jokes ARE NOT exemplars of good straight people.

    I’m sorry, I’d prefer the more down-to-earth, gay-respectful heteros–like the unglamorous but good folks who put up the God Made Gays sign in middle-America Toledo, OH (see buzzfeed).

    Hollywood straights still treat gay people too much like a minstrel show. Yuck.

  9. JMC says

    @EDD lmao really? you shouldn’t have to think that long to figure out the difference between those two scenarios and realize you’re the one who has actually proposed a logical fallacy

  10. Steve Talbert says

    This is why I like the internet. For every type there are a bunch of people looking for that and a bunch of people not.

    I don’t know of many places this guy would be considered hunky, and his hair color looks unnatural and fake. Maybe he looks different when seen on TV in action.

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