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    Good Job Add the Words Idaho. You’re taking such a great risk, suffering legal record, and expense for all of us. You will be viewed one day as civil and human rights vanguards.

    And, let Governor Butch Otter know: stop the abuse and let it begin with your office….or leave.

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    I was not aware that there was a way to “not” protest, wheelie81. It seems to me that citizens who see injustice, whether to people young or old, or even to cows in Idaho (see Idaho’s ag-gag controversy), and are placing themselves on the line for justice are doing it right. They are not being violent, they are paying the price in time, discomfort, and money, and they are drawing attention to the ignorance and bigotry and greed of the Idaho legislature.

  3. jimstoic says

    I remember being at a legislative hearing about a hate-crimes bill including sexual orientation back in 1983. Richard Butler, leader of the Aryan Nations white-supremacist group, testified that, if the bill passed, he wouldn’t be able to say that gay people should be killed. Although I doubt his testimony was the reason, the bill did not pass. This is progress.

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