1. will says

    Coco’s one of the few drag queens I don’t find too aggressive and pushy — the kind of drag queen that works out her hostility on you.

  2. Craig says

    Coco did better than I did on my only GTAV try. And she was way funnier. I had tears.

  3. roger says

    Yawn – I thought Towleroad was a site with homosexual tendencies and not fetishes like dressing in women’s clothes.

  4. Wayne says

    HA! That was awesome. Coco is one of my all time favorite Queens.
    (FYI, Rodger is a little “b”, but we already knew that)

  5. cameoutinthe80s says

    O. M. G!! TOO funny! I’ll have to watch it over and over again with a box of tissues next to me. I hear ya on Natalie Wood. I played a similar game a couple weeks ago and the teens in the room didn’t know who Elizabeth Taylor was. Made me wanna slap them, too! 11 minutes of pure laughter here. :)

  6. Gregoire says

    Watching too much Drag Race, I forget what a true drag comedian is like. Thanks for posting this.

  7. DavidinChelseaMA says

    She has other youtube videos that are also excellent: Coco goes to Target, Coco goes to Kmart and Coco goes to Walmart. Frigging hysterical. Love me some Coco Peru !!!! So pissed that I didn’t get a chance to see her in Provincetown late last summer !!!