Missouri Judge Asked to Halt Acceptance of Joint Tax Returns from Gay Couples

A lawsuit has been filed in Missouri challenging the state's acceptance of joint tax returns from gay couples, the AP reports:

NixonThe request for a temporary restraining order was filed Wednesday in Cole County Circuit Court.

It's part of an ongoing lawsuit brought by several Missouri residents, including officials from the Missouri Baptist Convention. They're challenging a decision by Gov. Jay Nixon's (pictured) administration to accept combined tax returns from legally married same-sex couples.

Nixon is also the target of impeachment efforts by several conservative lawmakers for accepting the joint tax filings.

Nixon directed the state to accept the tax returns in an executive order last November, and at the same time made clear his personal views on same-sex marriage:

“Many Missourians, including myself, are thinking about these issues of equality in new ways and reflecting on what constitutes discrimination. For me, that process has led to the belief that we shouldn’t treat folks differently because of who they are.”


  1. james st. james says

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if there was a request to ban Baptists from running for or holding public office in Missouri?

    Just having to deal with that issue should open some eyes. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

    The grounds could be that it is too intellectually taxing for them because it requires thinking.

  2. Randy says

    Man, these haters are getting really desparate. They are suing over tax filings? What iw their religious grounds? The only possible reason is hatred for gays.

    The sooner these people go extinct the better our body politic.

  3. Homo Genius says

    how does a Baptist group have standing? Can they demonstrate any harm someone else’s tax returns?

    On a tangent, I have always said that if they shipped all the Baptists in my state to some island far far away, we’d make California look like Alabama

  4. Hey Darlin' says

    Well, we know the current argument is about “protecting children” and the “sanctity of traditional marriage”. What exactly are the public being protected from this time?

    Could it be that the need to protect these fictitious “children” and the already depraved institution of “traditional marriage” has no more grounds than protecting the public from two private citizens getting a financial benefit.

    We know there’s no real point other than financial punishment? Good luck proving it’s a burden for two private individuals to receive income savings. It should prove as just and legal as the other lies generated to further a cause with no basis.

  5. Bob Hope says

    I love that the haters are going so crazy that they engage in these frivolous lawsuits.

    These kinds of things just add further proof to the fact that anti-gays are motivated by nothing other than animus.

  6. RK says

    The LGBT Community better wake up and realize that there is a all out war against us by these hate groups and they won’t stop until they take away all LGBT advancements. Better pay attention!

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